June 16, 2024

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Possible visit to Ukraine by German, French and Italian leaders worries Kremlin and EU

Possible visit to Ukraine by German, French and Italian leaders worries Kremlin and EU
German Chancellor Olaf Scholes and French President Emmanuel Macron face the dilemma of defining a clear course of action against the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The trio of heads of state from Germany, France and Italy are expected to travel to Queue on Thursday. German Chancellor, Olaf ScholesThe Chancellor of France will accompany. Emmanuel MacronAnd the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario DraghiAs a precursor to the G7 and NATO summits at the end of June.

There is a rumor that the visit was allowed to spread from Berlin and Rome at this time, although the Paris government did not guarantee the will of President Emmanuel Macron. He is currently visiting Romania and then moving to Moldova. However, more and more speculation is rife that the trip will take place after the Elysee leader leaves the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

As reported Bild am Sonttag, Seeing that he was cornered by the German government’s skeptical stance in the face of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Scholes had already planned the trip.. Permanent request for definitions requested by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky.

The trip could be a significant turning point in the course of the conflict and the situation the EU has taken so far. But this signal is being analyzed by the Kremlin in detail to see what the reasons are for this summit.

In that framework, The Ukrainian president is continuing his efforts in these last hours to provide heavy weapons to balance the invasion he considers “terrifying” and “terrifying” man, and to help the EU apply for his country’s candidacy. Cost.

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From Germany, the newspaper reveals it Moscow has two questions in mind about the meeting: Will the visit confirm EU support for Ukraine? Or are Scholz, Macron and Draghi tired of the aftermath of war?

Consulted by this, the Kremlin fears the clear commitment of the trio with Ukraine. Andreas Umland, researcher at the Center for Eastern European Studies in Stockholm. “This is a lucky visit. The heads of state and government of the largest Western European countries coming to kyiv will be crucial for the relationship between the EU and Ukraine, but also with Russia.

In this situation, the President of Ukraine received a second term Ursula van der Leyen. The head of the European Commission announced that the answer to Ukraine’s candidacy will be given in the coming days, which is an issue that divides 27. Reasons for the delay: Hungary to damage the camp’s consensus to countries such as internal differences, allegations of corruption in Ukraine and pressure from the Kremlin.

“Germany, France and Italy were considered Russia’s trusted partners and had a special relationship with Putin. Heckhard Schrder, Silvio Berlusconi Y Jack Chirac: They were its most important defenders in the West, “said Umland Bildt, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

German, French and Italian politics have historical ties with the Moscow government.  Prime Minister Mario Tragi is aware that his country's diplomacy has proposed a negotiated solution to the war.
German, French and Italian politics have historical ties with the Moscow government. Prime Minister Mario Tragi is aware that his country’s diplomacy has proposed a negotiated solution to the war.

From Ukraine they also recall President Macron’s words “do not insult” Russia. Is it better to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukraine or to isolate him? The level at which it began to circulate with greater vigor on the diplomatic agenda added to the consequences of fierce opposition to the world economy. In particular, every day of the invasion is worsening the European future.

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In addition, the trip should be strong in support of these three EU machines. If Scholz, Macron and Draghi leave signs of support, Moscow may feel a certain weakness within the group.

“Putin is watching the trip with great interest,” he said. Sergei Samleni, The first Bild newspaper, an expert in Eastern Europe and former chairman of the Böll Foundation in Kyiv. “It was clear that he could not win the war militarily. Therefore, Putin’s only hope is that Western military support for Ukraine will decline.

Should Kiev make concessions to end the war or will it encourage the Kremlin? In 1938 a similar mess arose between the then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his successor Winston Churchill over what Europe should do in the face of Nazi progress.. This is the crossroads where Shawls, Macron and Tragi are revealed before the meeting begins in Ukraine.

Another speculation on the tour is that Chelensky’s commitment to entering the EU candidacy in exchange for a ceasefire. This, according to Samleni, “It will be a victory for Putin and a sure death for Ukraine.”90 percent of Ukrainians do not support this.

Finally, Chancellor Scholes will be forced to give his precise position on the conflict, which he will not be able to do in more than 100 days of invasion. Berlin’s politics, like those of other major European capitals, have sent mixed signals about Angela Merkel’s time and its allegiance to Russia. The Kiev visit to Germany, France and Italy should be an opportunity to clarify the course.

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