May 23, 2024

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Paraguay then fired officials from the Directorate of Civil Aeronautics for the arrival of the Iranian plane that arrived in Buenos Aires.

Paraguay then fired officials from the Directorate of Civil Aeronautics for the arrival of the Iranian plane that arrived in Buenos Aires.
Venezuelan plane with Iranian crew in Argentina (REUTERS / Sebastián Borsero)

Minister of Interior of Paraguay, Federico GonzalezSaid this Tuesday Two officials from the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DINAC) have been fired following the controversial arrival of an Iranian plane in Minga KwaZulu-Natal..

In conversation with ABC CardinalGonzalez further pointed out Activities are evaluated at the National Anti-Doping Agency (Senate)..

It can be assumed that there were situations that could have been handled better”, The Minister revealed about this case. However, the newspaper reported ABC, He did not want to be named when it came to intelligence And may not be disclosed publicly.

Even the Interior Minister of Paraguay It was confirmed that the aircraft arrived in the country only after obtaining permission from DINAC for commercial purposes.

Picture of a Venezuelan plane inside
Picture of a Venezuelan plane inside

In the aforementioned interview, the officer pursued it Number of “Calling Attention” group -Total 18- For a cargo plane. This is why information about the airline was requested from the United States. He noted that it was only after he left the country that it was revealed that the airline had been suspended by the US Treasury Department.

On Monday, Gonzalez highlighted it Venezuela warns Argentine and regional authorities about flight to Venezuela with Iranian personnel detained in Buenos Aires. “Other intelligence services in the region were intensified, and as a result, Argentina and other countries took action.”, He told Paraguay television.

The plane, owned by Venezuelan company EMTRASUR, landed in Paraguay on May 13 and took off on May 16. There were about 18 crew on board. The reason for the trip to the South American country was, according to Paraguayan officials, a shipment of USD 755,000 worth of cigarettes from Asuncion to Aruba..

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It was reported that it was a company, and therefore an aircraft approved by the US Treasury Department, and that the group members were members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards al-Quds forces and the United States. Is on the terrorist list”, The Paraguayan minister continued.

On two occasions after that arrival in May, the aircraft was requested and denied re-entry into Asuncion and overseas voyage.“, He added.

Venezuelan-Iranian pilot and co-pilot
Venezuelan-Iranian pilot and co-pilot

Anti-Venezuela warns US The “threat” they consider to be the situation created by the Venezuelan plane with the Iranian team..

“(Nicholas) Maduro opened the doors of Venezuela to the global dictatorship and its terrorist groups. This is a threat to the region. Supporting dictatorship in Venezuela is also supporting terrorism; What happened on the hijacked plane in Argentina should alert the world democraciesThe leader of the opposition said Juan Quito.

Last Saturday, the Argentine government boarded a flight to and from the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires. The passports of five Iranian employees have been withheld.

The Boeing 747 aircraft, in “cargo” structure, is owned by an Iranian company. Mahan Air And currently owned EmtrasurVenezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) subsidiary, and Both companies are allowed By the Office of Foreign Assets Control and Restrictions of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Iranians detained in Argentina
Iranians detained in Argentina

Meanwhile, this Monday, Judge Federico Villana, in charge of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court of Lomas de Zamora 1, decided to suspend Argentine National Directorate of Immigration (DNM) passports. Iranians Mohammad Kosrawiarak, Kolam Reza Qasemi, Mahdi Moussali, Saeed Wali Jade and Abdolbasat Mohammed 72 hours.

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For his part, the Argentine Minister of Defense, Hannibal FernandezPromised in a conversation with the media Paraguay’s Interior Minister Federico Gonzalez was contacted at the last minute.

I called him yesterday and he told me over and over again how things were, and that was the rating we had. We received the information on Monday afternoon that the plane was already in Essex, so there was no information that we did not use.”, He revealed. He was referring to versions that indicated that Argentine authorities had information about the abuses on the plane.

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