April 25, 2024

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PSN Online Outage – Online Jobs Return to PS5 and PS4

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Sony PlayStation Network Service Status Page It’s still reporting issues playing online games, but it looks like we’re mostly out of the game as PSN seems to be working as usual now.

We were able to play online multiplayer matches from Chivalry 2, Fall Guys and FIFA 22. In addition to this, the ability to download a game saved in cloud storage works again, as well as the function of saving loading as well. At this point, it appears that the issues have been resolved (at least from our initial testing).

Let’s hope today’s PSN outage is over for good, and this isn’t just a temporary fix. There has also been no confirmation that PSN is working again worldwide, and there are still some players reporting issues on social media, so your mileage may vary.

Equestrian 2

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Today’s PSN issues may have finally been fixed!

Some players are reporting on social media that they are once again able to play games online, and we tested the situation ourselves by playing the excellent Chivalry 2 on PS5.

We were able to connect to the game servers and get into an online multiplayer match. The matchmaking lobby was also full, so there were at least 63 other players who were also able to go online again.

If you’ve been patiently waiting to get back online with your PS5 and PS4, now would be a good time to give it another try. We’ll keep testing further away, and report back with more results.

PS Plus

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Gamers aren’t always known to be the most patient of the bunch, but at least some choose to laugh at today’s PSN outage rather than get busy:

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Of course, not everyone treats the constant interruption with a great deal of humor. You don’t have to dig far on social media to find PS5 and PS4 owners who aren’t influenced by Sony at the moment. PSN is definitely down for several hours at this point, so it’s somewhat understandable why some players are frustrated. Hopefully a fix is ​​around the corner.

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Screenshot of Gran Turismo 7

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We have received additional confirmation (via VGC’s Jordan Midler) that the current issues do not appear to be related to PSN connectivity with online games, rather the issues only appear when trying to access features that require a PlayStation Plus membership.

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This means that always online games like Gran Turismo 7 can still be played, but you can’t access their online multiplayer content. We’ve noticed the same in FIFA 22 because it’s possible to access FUT online, but we’re not actually playing a match against an online opponent.

PlayStation Plus collection

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Let’s take a quick look at the situation so far. At around 5.30pm, ET reports began to surface that PlayStation Network was having problems. Downdetector It states that these user reports have increased sustainably over the next two hours and show no sign of slowing down.

These connectivity issues are believed to be related to PS5 and PS4 software update made available for download today. It also appears that the issues are related to PlayStation Plus, where services such as the PlayStation Store can still be accessed but features that require a PlayStation Plus membership do not currently work. This includes playing games online and downloading/uploading games saved on cloud storage.

We tested a variety of games including Fall Guys, FIFA 22, Call of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and Rocket League, and we couldn’t play any of them online. However, we were able to access some online features (for example we can access the FIFA Ultimate Team menu and store), which again indicates that the issue is with PlayStation Plus.

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Sony hasn’t released any official statement or blog post about the ongoing PSN outage, but PlayStation support channels have acknowledged the issues on social media and claimed the cause of the outage is under investigation. We have also reached out to Sony for comment.


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Well, it’s not an official statement or blog post, but PlayStation’s social media channel at least acknowledged PSN’s ongoing issues on Twitter:

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This tweet comes from Ask PlayStation UK Support account, and may have confirmed that the issues are related to “PlayStation Plus functionality”. We hope a solution is found quickly, and we’ll keep you posted as we get more updates.

PlayStation Store on PS4 console

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While PlayStation Network certainly has connectivity issues, some services like the PlayStation Store are still working as normal for now. We were able to open the store on PS5 and make a purchase without any issues.

However, it is not just online gaming that is not working properly. We are currently unable to download and upload game saved to cloud storage. Interestingly enough, just like playing online, this is a feature associated with a PlayStation Plus membership. This may indicate that PSN is currently unable to determine which accounts have a valid PlayStation Plus subscription, and that may be part of the problem.

Of course, this is just speculation at the moment, we are still waiting for some form of official update from Sony. In the meantime, maybe now is the time to wrap up a single player game while we wait. Ghost Wire: Tokyo It just launched (for owners of luxury digital products) and it’s a great option, read on Full review here!

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Call of Duty Vanguard screenshot

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We’re still waiting for some official words about Sony’s ongoing PSN outage, and we’ve also reached out for comment.

In the meantime, we’re running some additional testing and haven’t been able to get online in a variety of popular games including Fall Guys, Battlefield 2042, Riders Republic and Call of Duty Vanguard.

Oddly enough, when trying to play in Vanguard’s multiplayer mode, a prompt appears saying “You need PlayStation Plus to play online” even though the account we’re playing from already has a valid PlayStation Plus subscription. Other players have reported experiencing a similar issue on social media.

Sony PS5 on a table next to the TV

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This PSN outage comes on the heels of the latest PS5 and PS4 system software update that was launched earlier today. Sony announced via PlayStation Blog That both consoles will be getting a new hardware patch this morning, and many gamers are now speculating that this update is the cause of these PSN issues.

Our advice for now, do not download the latest PS5 / PS4 system software update. While you are still not able to play online (you need to install the latest system software for online games as a rule), there is a possibility that this update is what is causing the connection problems for both consoles.

It’s probably best to stay away until Sony officially confirms that the update is not the source of the problem or that PSN is back to normal.

Screenshot of FIFA 22

(Image credit: EA Canada)

As of 7:31 a.m. ET, it appears playstation network down.

We encountered the issues ourselves in FIFA 22 on PS5. When trying to play online, the game tries to connect to the PSN servers before timeout and takes us back to the main menu. A quick look at social media shows that many (many) players are facing similar issues. We are waiting for some form of feedback from Sony.