April 22, 2024

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Israel Continues Attack on Gaza Hospitals | The army said it had killed more than 170 militants at the Al Shifa health center

Israel Continues Attack on Gaza Hospitals |  The army said it had killed more than 170 militants at the Al Shifa health center

Israeli forces captured Al Shifa Hospital seven days laterIn Gaza City, The army claimed to have killed more than 170 militants, both Hamas and Islamic Jihad, within the medical complex and its surroundings. Palestinian health officials said At least 30 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks in the southern city of Rafah In the last 24 hours. Abu Yusuf Al Najjar Hospital, which received the bodies, said the dead included 10 children and 11 women. Special Rapporteur UN He assured that “there are legitimate reasons” to assert human rights in the Palestinian territories. Israel is carrying out “genocidal operations in Gaza”..

“One of the most successful operations”

Israeli military spokesman Daniel HagariAt a press conference he assured: “This is one of the most successful operations of our army. The number of terrorists we have killed so far is one of the highest in our strike. We are focused on killing the main leaders of Palestinian militants.” This was the fourth attack by Israel on the Al Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip since the war began on October 7.

According to Israeli intelligence sources, the militants used the hospital as an operations center. According to Hagari, Islamist militants such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are “entrenched within maternity and emergency departments”., from there they fired mortars at the troops, he assured. Although Hagari insisted on protecting the patients and medical staff at the hospital, Gaza's health ministry said 18 patients and wounded died at the centerDue to lack of mobility and medication.

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Israel again raided Al Hospital AmalIn the southern part of January EuniceThe military said it had killed more than two dozen people fighters According to a statement, “in hand-to-hand combat and airstrikes”. For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent manages Al Hospital AmalAn organization volunteer and a civilian were reportedly killed in Israeli attacks against the center before Israeli troops ordered the evacuation of all sick and displaced people to Al area. Mawasi.

Further More than 300 people were arrested in Khan Yunis in the devastated neighborhood of Hamad., a mostly residential area where the ground invasion began on March 3, according to the military. That day, Israeli tanks surrounded 5,000 residents and began destroying infrastructure, while drones with loudspeakers asked people to evacuate the area, the Palestinian agency Wafa later recounted.

30 people died in Rafah

Palestinian doctors have reported that 30 people have died in Rafah in the last 24 hours. Israel has vowed to expand its ground offensive into the city, home to about 1.4 million people, more than half of Gaza's population. Most escaped fighting elsewhere. Israel ordered Palestinians to move south in the first months of the war, but continued attacks across the territory, including Rafah.

US Vice President Kamala Harris has warned of the consequences of Israeli military action in the town of Rafah. During an interview with ABC, Harris said President Joe Biden doesn't need to hold a press conference to clarify where he draws his red line because his opposition to a broader operation in Rafah is clear, which he relayed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu.

For its part, Hamas said Netanyahu's repeated threats of an imminent military strike against Rafah represented a “shameless challenge” to the international community. The Islamic Movement condemned “the terrorist Netanyahu, a war criminal and leader of evil, is using religious discourse to achieve his criminal political objectives by escalating his war of extermination against our people in Gaza.”

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UN accuses Israel of genocide.

United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, asserted that “the sheer nature and scale of the Israeli assault on Gaza and the devastating living conditions it has caused reveal an attempt to physically annihilate Palestinians as a group.” Rapporteur's document entitled “Anatomy of a Genocide”“There are reasonable grounds to believe A threshold has been reached indicating that acts of genocide have been committed against Palestinians in Gaza.“.

Israel immediately rejected the results, calling them an “obscene reversal of reality”. Albanese, an independent expert commissioned by the Human Rights Council, whose reports are unofficial, listed a number of acts, including “killing members of a specific group” or deliberately imposing living conditions with the aim of causing their physical destruction in whole or in part. “.

The war in Gaza, which began nearly six months ago, has already caused more than 32,200 deaths, left more than a million people “extremely food insecure” and an unprecedented level of destruction in the Palestinian territories. Despite this, Israel has reiterated that the conflict will not end until it reaches Rafah, on Egypt's extreme southern border and where nearly one and a half million people have taken refuge.