February 22, 2024

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Putin makes his plans brutally clear

Putin makes his plans brutally clear
Russia's Vladimir Putin watches a presentation on the development of regional cities in the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk (Reuters)

The New Year's Eve It is an important festival Ukraine. At the end of December, I asked my sister how she would celebrate this year. “In the bomb shelter” he replied naturally. I had planned to cook sandwiches that could easily be brought up to the shelter from the tenth floor in case the air raid siren went off.

In 2023 there were more than 6,000 flight alerts Ukraine. Just last month, Russia launched about 624 drones loaded with explosives, according to official sources. On December 29, more than 120 Russian missiles and drones hit cities across the country, killing 44 people. This is the worst attack on civilians Kiev From the start of the war.

In the whole of December, there was only one night without attacks.

attacks Russia increased as an attempt to authorize more funds Ukraine It contains United States Congress And inside Europe. Since the fall, the Western Allies Kiev Negotiations to end the war are taking place quietly. At the end of December, Vladimir Putin He also seemed willing to reach an agreement.

A Russian political observer I spoke to, Mr. Putin were calibrated to take advantage of a sense of distrust among its allies Ukraine Inside Europe And condition joined; When should military aid be further delayed? Ukraine Ammunition was already low and vulnerable, and had to be allowed Russia Keep pressing your advantage.

But Ukrainians already know when it comes to Mr. Putin, don't believe what he says, watch what he does. from Kiev It is clear Putin He wasn't going to offer anything the Ukrainians would accept, and he knew it. Their plans are aggression, destruction and destruction.

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Peace will require real guarantees The Kremlin It will not use the ceasefire to re-arm and launch a new offensive from occupied Ukrainian territories. According to recent polls, the majority of Ukrainians are against regional concessions Russia And many say that any peace agreement should be reversed Crimea For control UkraineSo the threat of invasion will not continue indefinitely.

What it offers Putin – according to The TimesA truce it is”Freezes the fight at the current level” – not peace, but aggression, and aggression is a different kind of war.

He Calculation schemeIt investigates and documents potential war crimes Ukraine -I am one of its co-founders- I have studied hundreds of civilian deaths in attacks against cities far from the battlefield, attacks on residential areas, commercial centers and restaurants, and attacks using precision munitions against civilians evacuating train stations.

Life in the regions Ukraine The fact that they are now under Russian rule is even more terrifying. We have recorded hundreds of descriptive testimonies in territories controlled by Russian troops since 2022. Enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention. Many of those detained died; Among those who survived detention, there were widespread forms of physical and psychological torture, including beatings, sexual violence and electric shocks.

I understand the emotional exhaustion of watching a war against Russia Ukraine from afar. I understand how a sense of helplessness can breed frustration and cynicism.

However, from here, talking about the idea of ​​giving up seems like a luxury. If the Ukrainian army lays down its weapons, many more may be injured. For us, that simple fact drives us forward in this battle. So Ukrainians consider it their duty to persuade the world and especially America And Europe, that your support is not wasted. It saves lives every day.

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On January 2, Russia threw on Kiev 35 kamikaze drones, around 60 cruise missiles and 10 hypersonic missiles KinchalAccordingly Russia It is impossible to knock them down. Ukrainian air defense systems were able to shoot down most of the missiles and drones, mainly with surface-to-air missile defense systems. The patriotAmerican product.

In the attack, falling debris severely damaged a residential building near the Central Railway Station, killing three people and injuring 52 others. Without these safety systems, the entire neighborhood could have been leveled.

The day after the attack, you are kind to everyone you meet because you know your neighbors, taxi drivers, employees, or colleagues have had the same sleepless night. In those days it was customary to start every conversation with: “How are you?” And help: eA disabled person's apartment was vandalized on January 2. I followed the link to donate to the fund to get him a new place and found that he had already raised more than his goal.

That day I went to see what was left of a nearly destroyed house. By far the most damaged residential building in the capital during the war. It was like a big wound in the city's body. Its broken windows were already boarded up with plywood. A volunteer tent provided hot tea and food, and notices about applying for compensation were everywhere.

last year, Russia It started to hit more frequently in January and February when the temperature was lower. He used drones to attack the power grid, turning the cold into a weapon against civilians. People had to use generators and there were frequent power outages. This year, the power grid will be less affected and people will need fewer generators.

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Last week it started with an air raid siren. Putin makes his plans brutally clear. But Ukrainians are still capable of turning their anger into action.

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