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Qatar 2022 World Cup: Sergio Massa’s son has responded to criticism for his trip to the Middle East, saying he went to work.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Sergio Massa’s son has responded to criticism for his trip to the Middle East, saying he went to work.

A week before the start Qatar World Cup 2022, Thomas “Toto” Massa, Son of Economic Minister, Serge Massa, landed on Abu Dhabi The Argentina national team will play in a friendly match against the United Arab Emirates Wednesday – later departure Doha, the capital of Qatar. This situation was raised by A Cataract of Criticism After posting a photo of him arriving at the airport with his entourage on social media, the young man did not remain silent and his Twitter To answer those questions.

So, the youngest son of the president of Frente Renovatore and president of AYSA, Malena Calmarini, Who is 17 years old, He said he went there to work for the World Test. A Affiliated website Argentine Football Association (AFA) Also creates content for networks, In an attempt to connect the team led by Lionel Scaloni with the fans.

yesterday, “Toto” Massa Uploaded to your account Instagram Two floors at Abu Dhabi International Airport. In the first, he showed one of the exits after finishing his flight, and in the other, at least four people who were traveling with him were seen. “World Selection Committee Arrives in Abu Dhabi”, Also informed to the son of the Minister of Economy Emoji A face with hearts in its eyes.

Posts by Toto Massa on Instagram Twitter

Although he did not appear in any of these captures, some social network users were upset that the minister’s son and head of AYSA traveled to the World Cup stadium, given the delicate economic situation Argentina is going through. Access to dollars for importing goods and making purchases abroad is difficult.

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However, “Toto” Massa, who is usually very active on Twitter, took to his account to respond. For all the idiots who say “I went to Qatar with the people”, we already know that I came with the world selection.I warn you Now we are creating content in Abu Dhabi and in a few days we are going to Qatar”. Tigre’s young admirer clarified.

Tweets by Toto Massa
Tweets by Toto Massacatch

He contradicted those who confused him in the photo with one of the boys from the same team and defined: “How nice to know that they’re talking to the fart and it’s making the numbers for the company. Thank you so much, you make things easy for me.”

Tweets by Toto Massa
Tweets by Toto Massacatch

He also posted a photo of ten former players of the national team Diego Maradona And continued his messages. “To all the idiots following me on my networks and the brand’s networks, relax it’s late. kiss”, came to an end.

Tweets by Toto Massa
Tweets by Toto Massacatch

Earlier, “Toto” Massa also mentioned World exam and the relationship it has with that entity. “It’s called Start Up, an account that just started, 33k in two months [de seguidores], This is an official AFA product.Give it some time, Don’t start with a stick of followersIt’s just a little bit”, 33,400 people have commented on this site as of the time of publishing this post.

Similarly, the young man also said that’s all “Factory Worker” There he works in content production. “The idea is to go with the national team by being the ‘voice of the fan’ and that’s the deal, at least until the next World Cup.”He pointed out.

Toto Massa said he was an employee of the World Cup
Toto Massa said he was an employee of the World CupTwitter capture

According to AFA’s official website, Mundo Selección is a bridge between the fan and the team Lionel Messi is the captain for it. “Revolutionizing the concept of living unique and exclusive experiences together with an expert Engagement with fanaticism This agreement with Mundo Selección will allow AFA and fans of the Argentina national team to experience unparalleled moments And this is a reflection of AFA’s business expansion to bring the national team closer to its people, Through advanced technologiesIt was published on the website last October 27 when the site was presented.

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They also stated that the aim is to create a “unique bridge” between the official voice of the fan and the national team, adding: “True official fans will enjoy surprises, experiences, unique content and innovative experiences. Revolutionary moments. With these ideas and many other benefits, Mundo Selección and AFA consecrate One deal In the sports industry, it invites fans to be part of a community that allows them to be closer than ever before.

President of AFA also spoke at the briefing, Claudio “Siggy” TapiaHe highlighted the “strong expansion of the AFA brand” in recent years and welcomed Mundo Selección as a “business partner” of the Argentine team.


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