December 7, 2023

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Ravens vs. Titans scores highlights, inactives and live tracking

Ravens vs. Titans scores highlights, inactives and live tracking

For those keeping track of the score, that’s Justin Tucker, 12 years old. Ravens, 6, Titans, 3. Zay Flowers has the only points by no player today.

amazing. John Harbaugh probably feels like a genius now. He decided to punt on fourth-and-3 rather than try a long field goal. The Titans’ Kyle Phillips then proceeds to put the point down just outside the shadow of the end zone. With one second left, Justin Tucker comes in to kick the field goal, and the Ravens now lead 18-3 at halftime.

Lamar Jackson was dropped for a four-yard loss on third-and-goal. Tell me if you’ve heard this before, but Justin Tucker goes out for another field goal. Ravens up, 9-3.

And we have a 70-yard punt return by Devin DuVernay. The Ravens’ first play would come inside the red zone.

The first kick of the game is coming. Derrick Henry had the first down, but an illegal formation eliminated that. The next play is an incomplete pass.

There are plenty of red zone visits for both teams so far, but just three field goals between the Ravens and Titans, so far. Lamar Jackson threw his first incompletion of the game — a throw to Odell Beckham Jr. in the back of the end zone — and it led to another Justin Tucker field goal. Tucker hits a 28-yard field goal, and Baltimore leads 6-3 at the end of the first quarter.