April 1, 2023

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Recent studies reveal how much sleep you need to think and feel good

  • Barbara Jacqueline Sahakian, Crystelle Langley, Jianfeng Feng and Wei Cheng
  • Conversation *

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How many hours of sleep is optimal?

After a bad night’s sleep, most of us have trouble thinking clearly due to foggy mind and inability to function normally at school, college or work.

You may notice that you are not paying good attention or your memory is not at the point. Regardless, decades of poor sleep can lead to cognitive decline.

Poor sleep affects the mood and behavior of children and adults alike. So how much sleep does our brain need to function properly for a long time? Our new research published in Nature Aging provides an answer.

Sleep is an important component in maintaining normal brain function. During sleep the brain restores itself and recharges. Sleep is important as it removes toxins and strengthens our immune system “Memory integration”New memory units will be transferred to our long-term memory based on our experiences.