February 28, 2024

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Republicans recapture Virginia governorate with Glenn Young’s victory over Joe Biden

Republican candidate Glenn Young of Virginia

The U.S. Republican Party recaptured the governor of Virginia on Tuesday, backing U.S. President Joe Biden., That state defeated his predecessor Donald Trump nearly a year ago. By ten per cent, according to the predictions of the mainstream media.

Chains CNN, ABC and NBC They give the winner to the Republican Party Glenn Young, An entrepreneur with no political experience who has made parental influence in schools the central theme of his campaign and who faced Democrat Terry McAliffe, who already ruled the state between 2014 and 2018.

With more than 95% of the vote counted, he led Glenn Young’s Democrat Terry McAuliffe by 2.7 points.

These elections represent the first test on the ballot since Biden came to the White House a year ago. Moreover, they are the first measure of the attitude of Americans facing the 2022 legislative elections, in which Democrats fear they will lose their majority in Congress.

Although the turnout in recent years has been favorable for Democrats, this time Virginia has chosen a Republican candidate at a time when support for US President Joe Biden is not at an all-time high. Young was able to convince his constituents by focusing his campaign on his education plans.

In a statewide poll, 56 percent of citizens suggested that Biden had not accepted his administration since coming to the White House in January this year, while 43 percent welcomed the first months of this year. Democratic Presidential Chain CBS News.

With 95% counted, Young received 51% of the vote with 1,655,000 votes., McAuliffe received 48.3% (1,570,000 votes). The New York Times.

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Immediately, the former president Donald Trump celebrated the victory of the “true patriot” Young, “America First”., Whatever his campaign slogan for the presidential election he won in 2016.

Former US President Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump

Trump automatically boasted that he was “going to vote strongly” for his constituency and made Young the governor of Virginia for the next four years.

Young, however, tried to keep some distance from Trump to mobilize his supporters, but did not intimidate the traditional Republican electorate. Wealthy suburbs are concentrated in the suburbs.

McAuliffe, a centrist in the Democratic Party for decades, has yet to concede defeat.

Even before the media released their predictions, even when 90% of the votes had been counted, McAuliffe interrupted his supporters and asked that the votes be continued as “every Virgin deserves to have their voice heard.”

The defeat of the Democrats did not result in the loss of the governor’s office, but the defeat of Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears of the Republican Party and the victory of the Attorney General in the victory of Jason Myers.

However, the Democrats seem to have avoided the whole catastrophe, thanks to the House under the legislature, where the unfinished re-count seems to have thrown the balance at 50 seats, with no mechanism for a tiebreaker.

A few hours ago, at a press conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Biden predicted a democratic victory in Virginia and New Jersey, where no winner is yet known, but things are worse for Democrats than polls had expected.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)

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