March 24, 2023

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Romina’s controversial accusation against Julieta on Big Brother raised doubts about their friendship

Romina plays with the puppies in the house and hurls controversial words against Julieta. (Photo: Capture Telephe).

Romina Uhrig And Juliet Poggio The most allied participants in Brother (telephone). Both knew Make friendships That led them to stay together until the final stretch Reality Without recommending each other. In this case, a video is going viral Their relationship is questionable.

When the former vice chancellor played Dogs of the house, he uttered some words that created controversy among fans of the match. “Crap… this Juliet, jealousshe told the puppies. Along the way, many users questioned the accusation against the model and called her “wrong” and “bad friend”.

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In these last weeks of the game, the coexistence between the participants is becoming more and more boring and there are opinions that cause suspicion among the spectators of the game. Reality. “She doesn’t like them. She is jealous because your color (hair) is natural”, mentioned Romina Blonde fur Candy and humiliating Juliet.

The relationship between Romina and Julieta is one of the most integrated within “Big Brother”, and for this reason, the words of the former partner raised doubts among fans. (Photo: Capture Telephe)

“Your mother-in-law is listening to you”: Romina’s warning to Julieta on “Big Brother” after heated report

After four months of imprisonment, Juliet Poggio She can’t wait to meet her boyfriend again Luca Bartelli. In the middle of a chat and after a heated report, Romina Uhrig He warned: “Your mother-in-law listens to you.”

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A few days before the finals Brother, the participants never stop talking about the plans they have when they leave home. “You’re going to see Luke,” the former deputy told the influencer, who began exclaiming with emotion: “When I see him, I want to go straight home. I don’t even want to go to my place.”

Four months in jail and just days before the Big Brother final, influencer Luca Bartelli can’t wait to be reunited. (Photo: instagram/lucabardelli – Capture Telefe)

Surprised, her friend wanted to know the reason, and smilingly she explained: “Because I want to do it at home”. “Julie, your mother-in-law is listening to you,” he warned her complicitly.

Immediately, Romina thought it would be a good idea to go to a hotel, and Julieta agreed. “Sure, quiet. But they’re not one of those people who are going to do those things. For a good hotel, they can have breakfast, sleep…”, reflected the former deputy. However, the dancer admitted: “No, but then I’m not going to resist the urge.”

Romina and Julieta talk about their plans as they leave the Big Brother house. (Photo: Capture Telephe)

read more: Big Brother had already told Romina Uhrig that she was a finalist, and the networks condemned their “fraud and accommodation”.

Given a string of unfiltered statements, the ex-partner encouraged her: “Make things better. Go to a nice hotel in the capital. (…) don’t go straight after eating… take a shower, chat, then poof. Do you understand? It’s still beautiful. The next day they wake up. They eat breakfast and leave.“I love it,” Julieta expresses in anticipation of being reunited with Luke.

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