April 13, 2024

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Shipwreck off San Diego coast: At least 8 dead

Shipwreck off San Diego coast: At least 8 dead
Two boats, one upside down, at Black’s Beach, San Diego (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

At the very least Eight people were killed when two boats believed to be smugglers approached the coast of San Diego and one of them capsized. Rescue teams are searching for seven more people, officials said.

“We’ve lost eight souls,” San Diego, the head of the San Diego City Lifeguards, told a news conference. James Cortlandwho added that “One of the worst maritime tragedies I can think of the city of San Diego, certainly here in California.

According to Coast Guard boats, a woman on a boat Saturday night called 911 to report that another boat had capsized in the waves at Blocks Beach. Richard Bram.

“The woman who called said there were 15 people on the overturned boat, but that’s just an estimate,” Bram added.

The Coast Guard and San Diego firefighters were able to retrieve eight bodies from the water, but heavy fog hampered the search overnight.

A Coast Guard cutter was scanning the waters in the area for more victims early Sunday, and officials expected helicopters to fly over the area once the weather cleared, Brahm said.

Daniel Eddy, deputy director of operations for the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department, said Black Beach has a large landfill that is jointly owned by San Diego and the state. This place is also known as Torrey Pines City Beach or Torrey Pines State Beach. “We could not use helicopters. We had boats on the water (…). Once the conditions are met, we will evacuate the Coast Guard and conduct fire and rescue operations to search for possible victims,” Eddy said. Onscene TV.

The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for the rest of the boat’s crew (AP Photo/Denise Borai)

Coast Guard Petty Officer, Eddie Berrios, confirmed eight dead and rescuers are searching for at least seven more. He did not know what kind of boats they were, but he opined that banga-type boats usually come to the place.

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Brahma did not know if any of the people in the second boat were injured or if they were detained by Border Patrol agents.

It is not known whether any arrests have been made or the nationalities of the passengers.

Illegal border crossings have increased during the President’s tenure Joe BidenAnd many immigrants surrender themselves to Border Patrol agents and are released into the country to take their cases in immigration court.

A pandemic-related order scheduled to expire on May 11 denies migrants the ability to apply for asylum, argued to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but its application is disproportionate to Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans. It agreed to receive only immigrants from those nations.

As a result, immigrants from those four countries are trying to evade capture, knowing they could be deported under a public health measure known as Title 42. Mexico recently agreed to receive Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans under Title 42.

With information from AP and AFP

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