February 22, 2024

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Russia denies collision with NATO spy plane Neither NATO nor the United States has responded to the allegations

Official sources Vladimir Putin’s government They claim to have avoided possible trauma and “catastrophe” Between a Russian plane and a spy plane OTAN, Above the Black Sea. Due to lack of communication they had to change the course of the wind.

“It simply came to our notice then The United States and NATO could endanger lives without punishmentRussian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sajarova said in a statement.

From Tel Aviv to Moscow

According to the Russian Civil Aviation Agency, the spy plane “landed fast” last Friday on the runway established by Airblot’s Airbus, which covers the route between Tel Aviv and Moscow. There were 142 people on board.

As a result, “the direction and altitude of the commercial aircraft Were immediately modifiedThe company said in a statement.

The report added that the spy plane’s crew Did not respond to messages from air traffic controllers. Russian aircraft, according to Russian news agency Interfax It descended 500 meters to escape the spy plane.

Private aircraft

The airline says a private jet flying from the Russian city of Sochi to the Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia diverted its route due to a spy plane.

“The activity of NATO aircraft near Russia’s borders is increasing Poses a risk of dangerous incidents with the civilian machine“, Condemned the body, which warned that it planned to” resist “through diplomatic channels.

Zajarova in his statement accused the US Air Force of “representing a threat to civil aviation”. Not even OTAN நி United States They are currently responding to those allegations.

This incident took place in the context of Tensions between Russia and the West The Russian government has accused President Vladimir Putin of concentrating troops on the border with Ukraine, with the intent to invade, something Moscow denies.

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