February 28, 2024

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The real battle in Barinas to seize power between Diostato Cabello and Nicolas Maduro.

Diostato Cabello and Nicolas Maduro are waging a civil war that is now centered in Barinas.

With the victory of the opposition Freddie Francisco Superlano Salinas as governor, the war unleashed in Paris for control of the interior was not limited to the control of one state, nor the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, but it One of the most important civil wars to control power emerges in the Bolivarian Revolution, Diostato Capello vs. Nicholas Maduro.

Without the key allies of the patriotic pole the once powerful revolution was weak and with the participation of a section of the fragmented opposition, survival is crucial to the sides. Parinas has been at the center of controversy due to the ancestry surrounding the Chavez family and their relationship with the central authorities.

The election was deeply questionedFor the first time in 15 years, Nicolas Maduro was expelled from the country after exposing the irregularities they saw in the structure of the election, despite having 130 representatives from the European Union Election Monitoring Movement (EU-EOM).

    Superlano says with numbers on hand that he won the interior
Superlano says with numbers on hand that he won the interior

There is a deciding factor in that peaceful Cold War: Chavez, who has so far controlled power in Paris with the defeat of Argentine de Chavez Frias. For many years the governor was the father of the Chavez brothers, Hugo de los Reyes Chavez. When he was unable to continue due to old age and health reasons, it was the turn of Adon Koromoto Chavez Frias and finally Argenis.

Hugo de los Reyez Chavez ruled Paris for many years
Hugo de los Reyez Chavez ruled Paris for many years

While it is true that Hugo de los Reyes was not isolated for corruption, the history of other families was different and his children’s involvement in businesses and contracts was defamatory. From the beginning of Chavez’s rule, his brother Argenis appeared in all the corruption scandals in the contracts, the brothers opposed each other, but they remained in regional power even after the death of the president.

But Hugo Chavez’s parents and brothers are one thing and the sons of the late president are completely different, especially his daughters Maria Gabriella and Maria Virginia Chavez Colmenares, who Diostato portrayed as a stronghold of his support since the beginning of the Civil War. In response to Maduro calling himself “Chavez’s son”, what they locally call Los Vertadoros Hijos de Chavez arises from there.

Maria Virginia and Maria Gabriella Chavez with their grandmother Elena Frias de Chavez
Maria Virginia and Maria Gabriella Chavez with their grandmother Elena Frias de Chavez

The removal of Maria Gabriella to the United States is one of Maduro’s tactics, After divorcing Maria Isabel de Chavez, she became the first woman to be most recognizable among the daughters for her relationship with Chavez. On August 13, 2014, Maduro appointed Venezuela’s alternate ambassador to the United Nations, a position accepted by the late president’s preferred daughter, and allowed her to enjoy a life of privilege.

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When Maduro described her as a key figure in Chavez’s real sons, complaints began to surface against those associated with her, including actor Manuel “Coco” Sosa, who had an emotional relationship with Chavez’s youngest daughter; The actor was arrested and the onus was on the regime to adequately publicize the event. Maria Gabriella was quiet, but she was not re-mentioned as a political choice, and she remained in the United States until 2019, confirming Venezuela’s deteriorating relationship with the United States.

Maria Gabriela Chavez with Manuel Coco Sosa
Maria Gabriela Chavez with Manuel Coco Sosa

The strategy was to encourage the eldest daughter, Maria Virginia Chavez, who promised Diostato’s unconditional personalities at her show and special events that “that woman is the most beloved and the only woman who was able to control him when he was.” Sadness.” That effort was not strong either.

Fort Barinas

The victory of the opposition candidate in Parinas has little to do with the performance of the successful model. During Chavez’s rule in that state, not a single work that benefited the people of Lanero was on display.. While it is true that Hugo Chavez, during his presidency, poured millionaire resources into jobs, machinery and projects such as Central Assuerio Ezekiel Zamora, most of them ended in spectacular failure.

The wealth of the Chavez family was so prosperous that they went from simple people to rich people and farms and millionaire resources. Now, the loss of Perinas is not significant for the revolution, and from the moment Nicolas Maduro sent Maria Iris Varela, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly and former minister of the prison service, to violent and conflicting speeches. In the framework of the campaign, Argentine Chavez even commented that he had asked Varela to retire because he had been injured.

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Beyond the family of the late president, whoever wanted Chavez to rule in Barinas, he based his speech on Hugo Chavez as the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution for Diostato Capello.. What a powerful leader at one time thinks is that without Chavez there would be no Chavismo, only Madurismo in revolution.

Argentine Chavez stepped down from the interior.  He retained the minutes that gave the winner to a General Freddie Superlano
Argentine Chavez stepped down from the interior. He retained the minutes that gave the winner to a General Freddie Superlano

According to Diostato, the image of Chavez was also part of his survival in the revolution, and for this reason he pulled all possible strings in the family. It is not yet possible to acknowledge that Superlano won the governorship of Perrinas, but the situation changed after Nicolas Maduro’s visit to Cuba and a Supreme Court ruling (TSJ) ordered the CNE to hold re-elections in Paris. Winner disabled.

There are three catastrophic events that took place in Perinas:

1-Savismo still has no doubt, that is why They have to sacrifice whatever they want for Chavez to retain power in Parinas. Everything points to the fact that Nicolas Maduro and Diostato have candidates for the interior other than Argentine Chavez.

2-Nicolas Maduro’s orders were revoked because he was the one who pardoned Freddie Superlano, while the Supreme Court and the CNE did not validate that decision. It was published in the Official Gazette.

3-Brutal military intervention by the Republican program, when General Jose Rafael Serrano Cottera committed an election crime and suspended ballot papersUntil the majority of the Barian people figure out how not to deliver on the government they have chosen as their regional leader.

The war for power

Hugo Chavez of Cuba paid a brief visit to Venezuela on December 8, 2012, announcing on a national network that then-Vice President Maduro, on the one hand, and his 4F soldier, Diostato Cabello, on the other, would follow him: ” “My firm opinion, irrevocable, complete, complete, is that in that situation, the compulsion to call for a presidential election will force Nicolas to become president.”

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Under those circumstances, Maduro had only the blessings of Chavez and Cuba, but the balance of power shifted to Diostato, who had a history of participating in the 4F and, of course, with the support of Faberristas, held key positions in the economy. And military power, as well as control of the electoral structure and machinery of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and Polo Patriotiko.

The wise and powerful Diostato seemed to be the last leader of the revolution, but Maduro, who won the presidency on April 19, 2013, proved too clever and was dissolving the regime. Various political scenes from the political scene The electric poles in Savismo, Elias Java and Rafael Ramirez were prominent.

Various facts show that Maduro sought to reduce Capello’s military and political power: Despite internal maneuvers, the chairmanship of the National Constituent Assembly falls to Diostato, but rather to Delcy Rodriguez, an important roundtable representative for Maduro. Capello presides over the fact that the ANC has already been sacked, discredited and downgraded.

As vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diostato controls the electoral machine, but Maduro launched in January 2018, and the CNE was legalized, and we have the Venezuelan Movement (MSV), led by Delcy Rodriguez. A huge failure because the system was never integrated.

Maduro, the other stronghold of Diostato’s power, brutally assaults Maduro in July 2020, when he retires in 1987 from the entire class of 53 top officers without charge. Later, in the controversial elections for the 2020 National Assembly, psychiatrist George Rodriguez accepted the presidency without the condition of his rival.

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