December 7, 2023

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Russian Aerospace Forces received new Su-35S fighter jets

Russian Aerospace Forces received new Su-35S fighter jets

The Russian Aerospace Forces have inducted a new batch of Sukhoi Su-35S fighter jets.. This was confirmed by the Federation of Russian Industry today, June 23 Rostec Through an official press release.

Su-35S fighters were received by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation after completing the necessary technical and acceptance tests, as in previous production batches and following the delivery schedule; Contains test flights in various operational modes.

As for the Su-35S fighter jets produced by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) at its Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant, their integration seeks to strengthen the capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces, such as the availability of aviation resources. It is no small fact that, more than a year after the invasion of Ukraine, Continued operations on Ukrainian territory, as well as the defense of sovereign airspace, have had their impact on the fighter-bomber fleet..

In addition, with regard to industrial and production issues, the Russian Federation and its defense military complex had to look for alternatives to avoid economic sanctions and shortages of various high-tech components necessary for the production of combat aircraft and other platforms. Different types of fleet and terrain.

This new batch, issued at the end of June, is the first batch of the year recorded to date; The last reported incident occurred at the end of last year, in early December. However, in that case, neither Rostec nor UAC, nor the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported the number of Su-35S delivered to the Air Force.

Finally, they pointed out from Rostec about this new achievement of the Russian Military Industrial Federation: “UAC enterprises that comply with the state security order, including the Komsomol plant, received a significant amount of funding under the program of technological re-equipment and modernization of production thanks to state support. New products and installations were introduced. This allows for increased serial production and increased production volume.”, revealed General Director of United Aircraft Corporation, Yuri Sliuser.

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Add: “We will continue to comply with our obligations under the Agreements. Su-35 aircraft from the following batches are in production. Besides, The volume of deliveries of fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets to the Russian space forces will increase this year.”.

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