December 7, 2023

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This is what happens to underwater bodies

This is what happens to underwater bodies

The Submarine explosion The Titan appeased those who thought the trip was a “favorite” for a group of millionaires who wanted to see the remains of the Titanic, which sank in 1912, up close.

Well, no one imagined this routine walk Stockton RushThe founder of Ocean Gate Expeditions, a company that conducts these journeys into the sea, ends in a terrible tragedy where he and 4 others die.

And while it may seem straight out of a horror film, it happened in real life, raising questions about how the human body reacts when faced with such incidents where water and its depth make detection, search or rescue difficult. .

This is how the body responds to a submarine explosion

As reported on websites and thanks to the support of an artificial intelligence tool, it was possible to determine how The explosion of the submarine Titan.

However, until now few have addressed the issue of how the human body works in this situation and although the analyzes are terrifying, they are very real and very dangerous.

Once a person is exposed to great pressures under the sea, the ability to breathe and absorb oxygen becomes increasingly complicated due to the volume of water surrounding the vessel.

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It puts pressure or tension on the body, making it heavy and reducing the body’s ability to move within its space.

Titan, Oceangate's submarine

In this plane, it is common for an untrained person to immediately feel strong dizziness, fatigue, and imbalance and disorientation.

But significant changes such as reduction in body mass dimension are also experienced. The official account of Radio Web Latina showed a video showing how a man changes at a depth of 3,000 meters.

There it becomes clear how the body shrinks completely, and when an explosion occurs, both the object and the body “shrink” and disappear or disappear altogether.

This usually happens in milliseconds, so the Titan crew doesn’t even realize what’s happened.

Experts talk about the Titan submarine explosion

Quantum physicist Alberto Rojo explained in an interview Clarin Rather than an explosion: “It occurs when something large is compressed into a smaller volume. In an explosion something suddenly expands and expands. This creates a shock wave that makes a lot of noise.

Therefore, “the death of the group occurred immediately, the explosion lasted about 30 milliseconds, they did not even find out what was happening to their bodies, experts interviewed by the World Alert portal showed the explanation through artificial intelligence. Twitter account.

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It is clear that it is almost impossible to get human remains through this, especially since the sea is full of fish, whales, crabs and other aquatic animals that can swallow them in seconds.

Submarino da Oceangate is missing from the first hour of this second exhibition.