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Sam Asghari is almost unrecognizable after dropping 40 pounds following Britney Spears’ split

Sam Asghari is almost unrecognizable after dropping 40 pounds following Britney Spears’ split

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Sam Asghari has revealed that he went through a major fitness “transformation” after his split from Britney Spears.

“So, in the last five months, I’ve done a little bit of a transformation where I’ve lost about 35 to 40 pounds,” the former personal trainer exclusively told Page Six.

In photos obtained exclusively by Page Six, the “Black Monday” star looks slimmer than ever as he flexes for the camera.

“Sometimes when you’re in a situation where you can’t necessarily focus on yourself, it can be hard to notice [your physique changes] But everyone does it.

Asghari – who filed for divorce from the “Toxic” singer in August – said he had undergone a “spiritual” and “energy” transformation recently.

Sam Asghari reviews his weight loss since his split from Britney Spears. Sam Asghari
The former personal trainer said he’s dropped “35 to 40 pounds” since his split from Spears in August. @Britney Spears/Instagram

“I have more time for myself to focus on myself,” he explained. “Being alone and alone is a really good opportunity to focus on yourself.”

Asghari added that although the transformation came in the wake of his controversial breakup with the pop star, it is “not necessarily a revenge body, but a kind of self-love.”

“Sometimes you focus too much on yourself,” he said, adding that “self-love is something everyone should practice.”

The “Black Monday” star also showed off his fit physique in a shirtless photoshoot for PETA’s latest adoption campaign. Beta

Despite showing off his killer body in a shirtless photoshoot for PETA’s recent adoption campaign, Asghari, 29, tells us he doesn’t plan to show off his new body to any new romantic partners.

“I’m focused on work right now,” the “Special Ops: Lioness” star told us. “I definitely won’t be joining any dating apps anytime soon. Absolutely.”

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Asghari and Spears — who began dating in 2017 after meeting in one of Spears’ music videos — were married for one year before splitting.

Following his split from Spears, Asghari gained custody of his Doberman Pinscher, Portia, which he purchased for the singer in 2021. Sam Asghari/Instagram

While the two former lovebirds never publicly revealed the reason for their split, it was rumored at the time that infidelity and abuse had something to do with their downfall.

Following their split, Asghari and Spears, 42, had a pet custody battle that ended with the “Circus” singer keeping four of their puppies while Asghari kept her Doberman, Portia.

At the time, Spears was able to keep it Australian Shepherd named Sawyera Yorkie named Hannah and two other small dogs.

Spears kept her other four dogs, including an Australian shepherd. Samasgari/Instagram

The next day, Spears confirmed that she had purchased a new puppy.

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Since custody of their puppies was split, Asghari has teamed up with PETA to encourage people to adopt from local shelters instead.

“Always build, never buy,” Asghari said. “Animal homelessness is at an all-time high, and buying dogs is making it worse. We need to stop subsidizing pet stores and breeders and start adopting from shelters or rescue groups.

Despite previously purchasing his own Doberman, Asghari has now teamed up with PETA to encourage adoption rather than purchasing puppies. Beta

As for the Doberman Pinscher — which he bought in 2021 to “protect” Spears — Asghari said he “learned a lot” from his time working with the animal rights organization.

“I love Portia so much, but now I realize the importance of adopting and rescuing animals from shelters.”

Now that Asghari is a single dog dad, the actor tells us another pup might be in his future when he’s not busy working.

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Now that he’s a single dog dad, Asghari tells Page Six that adopting another puppy to add to his family is “in the near future.” Sam Asghari/Instagram

“Definitely in the near future,” he says, explaining that his current work schedule doesn’t allow him the additional “responsibility” that raising a new puppy requires.

“You know, you can’t fall in love with a puppy and get it. You have to think about whether you can give her the proper attention.

“At this time, I am happy to visit Heat Living Foundation “If I have dog fever,” Asghari says, referring to the shelter where he took his latest photo shoot.

“Portia and I will be spending some time together, and when there’s a steady schedule and less work, I’ll definitely consider getting a bunch of other pets as well.”

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