Apple today announced the release of Apple Vision Pro Developer Kits, with developers able to apply for a suite starting today. Developers will be provided with an Apple Vision Pro “lender” that will allow them to develop and test applications.

Along with Vision Pro, developers will get help setting up and setting up the device, check in with Apple experts for user interface design and development guidance, and help improve the app. Each developer who receives a set of two additional code-level support requests will be provided to troubleshoot code issues.

Apple says the Apple Vision Pro headphones‌ are Apple’s proprietary development devices, and they’ll need to stay where they’re shipped in a private, secure workspace that can only be accessed by developers who have been approved to work with one. Apple plans to be in regular contact with developers who use the kit, and the kit will have to be returned at Apple’s request.

Developers can Apply on the Apple site. Apple will collect details about each team’s existing development and application skills, with priority given to applicants who create an application that takes advantage of VisionOS’s features and capabilities.

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