December 7, 2022

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She agrees to kiss her boyfriend for a viral challenge, but not everything goes as expected

On social networking site TikTok Very popular Influencers Hit the streets Ask people if they would agree to do something daring for a certain amount of money, such as getting a haircut, looking at cell phones, or kissing others.

In this case, A young woman accepts her lover’s kiss To a woman in exchange for money. The hot Spanish content creator went to different places in Mexico to offer different women if they would allow the woman who accompanied them to kiss their partner.

She lets her boyfriend participate in a challenge and gets angry

“Would your boyfriend let me kiss my friend for a hundred bucks?” asked the influencer. Initially, the starting offer was 500 Mexican pesos (25 dollars). However, the amount increased until its rejection was unavoidable.

A couple walking through a shopping center was struck by the offer. At first they hesitated, but accepted. The heated Spanish first made it clear that it was not a short kiss, but the intensity with which they kissed annoyed the girl who wanted to leave the place.

“Your girlfriend is gone. Didn’t he accept?” said the content creator The young man admitted that the situation made him jealous, but it was not a reason to end the relationship..

So far, the video has garnered over 34 million views and over 36,000 comments. Among the most important messages: “But not eating it is a kiss”, “I don’t know why people accept it when they are always angry” and “It gave me courage to imagine that it was mine.”.

Earlier this month, a couple’s situation also went viral. Sometimes long distance relationships are complicated. Claudia lives in Milan (Italy) and her boyfriend lives in his native Spain.. Young She decides to travel unannounced to surprise him, but his reaction is unconvincing For users of social networks: “Realize it dude”.

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Pre-meeting nerves were waiting for her. “My boyfriend and I live 1,300 kilometers apart and it occurred to me to surprise him. I always sleep on planes, but I was so nervous.He explained in a video shared on his TikTok account.

A young woman travels thousands of miles to surprise her boyfriend.

Claudia appeared in surprise towards the passenger seat and tightly hugged the young man who was unable to move in a gesture of affection. “What a fear! what are you doing aunty, he managed to say. “Well, give yourself a surprise,” she replied excitedly. “Yes, I see,” argues the boy. The publication achieved almost three million reproductions.

Platform users criticized the young man’s reaction. “I’m out of there, I’ll give it up more than you”, “He doesn’t seem too excited, he’s more excited about the song than he is about seeing her” or “Those who have it, don’t respect it, we believe it’s already your ex-boyfriend”There were some comments. “This is a clear example: dude, feel it,” another pointed out.

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