February 3, 2023

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She was about to get married, died at her bachelorette party and was buried in her wedding dress

Ruth Maguire, 30, was last seen at her bachelorette party. After more than a decade of relationship and three children, the woman was happy to marry her boyfriend.

The Irish woman hosted her bachelorette party at Carlingford Bar before disappearing

He still had a few days to go to the altar. So his friends wanted to celebrate better at a bar in Carlingford, Ireland, where 30 women had come.

“Rumba” ended at midnight on Saturday, and because of the drinks, the speakers there forgot what had happened. Some woke up in their hotels the next day, but Maguire did not wake up.

He is going to stay in a nearby cabin. In fact, he saw his sister posting the story of her walk to the site on Instagram.

“There was a door to a small hut on the other side of the road. (The site was nearby) was near a ship, ”Rachel Wilkinson told the newspaper. Belfast Telegraph.

He never rested. The next day no one gave a reason for his whereabouts, so the family recalled a short video uploaded on a social network, with which authorities began searching around the lake.

The 32-year-old did not go to the room where he was supposed to spend the night before the big day
The 32-year-old did not go to the room where he was supposed to spend the night before the big day

After two days of investigations and searches, Maguire’s body was recovered from Lake Carlingford.

Irish police described the incident as an “unfortunate accident” and insisted there was “nothing to say” about what might have happened, as reported by the BBC news agency.

Witnesses said they saw her say goodbye to everyone and leave before midnight. Apparently, she was distracted on the way and drowned in the lake.

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“At least we didn’t leave the uncertainty of wondering if anyone took it. Initially, my mom was worried the car had crashed,” Rachel said.

She left unexpectedly a few days before her wedding, which was scheduled to take place on August 8, 2019. “Her and all my kids are going to be pageboys. There were 180 guests, ”said the sister.

The wedding turned out to be a heartfelt funeral as her friends and acquaintances fired her. At the request of the family, she wore the wedding dress she longed for and was buried in her city.

The priest who presided over the funeral sent a message to his companion James Griffin: “Let her see you in the kingdom of God dressed in white.”

James, for his part, thanked her and her three children, ages 10, 7 and 5, for their supportive messages at the time. He wrote on his Facebook account that he misses her because “she is not only my partner, but also my soul mate”.