June 19, 2024

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Ukraine’s harsh criticism of the Argentine ambassador to the UN who met with Russia, Cuba and Venezuela: “My mother! What a board! ”

Ukraine’s harsh criticism of the Argentine ambassador to the UN who met with Russia, Cuba and Venezuela: “My mother!  What a board! ”

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Sergiy KyslytsyaVia Twitter, criticized with unusual harshness in Argentina Federico Villegas Feltron The head of the United Nations Human Rights Council, for a surprise meeting, the ambassador held with the ambassadors of Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and four other countries, which he celebrated as the success of “multilateral diplomacy”.

“How the President of the Human Rights Council” defends diversity “or as someone commented, oh! What a meeting!” Kislitsia tweeted: And he concluded: “It is impossible to imagine a very embarrassing tweet that could so effectively cancel someone’s respect and impartiality.”

Kyslytsya’s tweet on Tuesday, Russia’s UN. Villegas, who posted a photo with the ambassadors, responded to the earlier response. Gennady KatilovAnd from Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Belarus, China and South Africa, everyone laughs.

Along with that photo was Villegas’ message: “Regardless of our differences, mutual understanding and cooperation must increase now more than ever.” He also thanked the ambassadors he met for the great discussion on “How to Defend Multilateral Diplomacy”.

The photo comes to Russia a few hours later Was suspendedArgentina’s vote has been included in the UN Human Rights Council for human rights violations during the Ukraine invasion.

Federico Villegas FeltronTwitter

They said it was their duty to defend Villegas’ approach from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to talk to all members of the United Nations. “He is from Argentina, but he is the chairman of the council, which is a regular meeting. The council should contact the Russian-controlled sites for inspections, “they said. Nation Near Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro.

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With an extensive diplomatic career, Villegas accepted the chairmanship of the Human Rights Council in January, representing Argentina in the organization. Unlike the Argentine representative in OAS, Carlos Raimundi, Villegas Consistent with the “diagnosis” of former Chilean President Michel Bachelet’s statement on the human rights situation in Venezuela.Although he supported “Creative Conversation” With Nicholas Maduro. He also criticized human rights abuses in NicaraguaPrior to the election that Daniel Ortega won in November, most of his rivals were imprisoned or deported.

Vice President, Buenos Aires Christina Kirschner He avoided criticizing the Russian president yesterday Vladimir Putin When Opening of Eurolat Assembly. He focused on criticizing NATO, which “has a base in Malvinas” and said that “all UN Security Council countries except China have at one point” violated international law. ” சாட்டினார்.