October 2, 2023

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Sergio Massa: Actions and Journeys in Search of Faith and Dollars

Sergio Massa: Actions and Journeys in Search of Faith and Dollars

“I need 45 days of peace.” With that request he sends to his interlocutors, Serge Massa getting ready Put on the grand mantle of the Super Minister of Economy obtained in the balance sheet.. The message is omnidirectional, but above all it is addressed to its partners in the ruling coalition, where all the insiders and outsiders about the opening new phase reside. Or start a new government.

Looking for that fight, Massa designed this weekend Initial steps and steps He calls the first stage of management “stabilization” Sinking Ship.

The measures it tries to keep secret so as not to continue to raise the expectations it has created will be announced the day after tomorrow, which could turn against it if it doesn’t yield quick results. That is why he asks for time and support.

Secret though Nation You probably know that those first steps involve some creation A bonus for absorbing part of the mass of pesos in circulationFor this he says he has the approval of local banks, some of whom are among his traditional friends and sponsors.

This measure seeks to produce effects on the two uncontrolled variables that ruled out its predecessor. Silvina Patakis: Inflation and the dollar. At the same time, he counts Encourage devaluation expectations and exchange rate divergence Creates impulses and trust, and thus separates them. What a challenge.

And one of the measures in advanced stage of production Creating financial incentives for exporting sectors (such as energy, mining, tourism, and the knowledge economy), which Massa calls the “dollar-making factories.” In order to avoid financial inadequacies, it seeks to establish an advance on certain activities and, above all, on profits from external financing, for which it says it has some firm promises from multilateral institutions and international banks. The generation of confidence has always been an attribute of machismoHowever, in recent times, it has become relatively stable.

With this aim, the yet-to-be sworn-in minister is already preparing for a trip to the US in the third week of this month to meet officials. Treasury, IMF and World Bank in Washingtonand with holders or Senior executives of banks and investment funds in New YorkLooking not only for token support but also for more solid funding. The relationships you’ve built and boasted about so far will be tested like never before..

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Massa is planning a visit Paris Club His predecessors could not do and, perhaps, do QatarSeeking a contribution from the sovereign fund of that state.

A deputy who has already resigned before issuing the proceedings Plans to announce the full squad today That he would come with him, and it was not easy for him to comply because of the deviations and reluctance of some of those who were summoned.

The locker was empty in the Ministry of Agriculture till yesterday afternoon, recounted the difficulties as the two candidates to whom he offered the position were rejected. Economist Gabriel Delgado and Vice President till Wednesday, Name GeorgeRejected offers and (in Delgado’s case) strong pressure from Massa.

They both had their own reasons for not getting on that ship, but Both are united by distrust: the ominous shadow of Cristóborismo in relations with the agricultural sector And some traumatic experiences were experienced in the flesh. For this reason, last night the place was filled by a masista without autonomy George Solmi. The Super Minister costume is still not up to Tiger’s standards, and no one knows if he will ever have superpowers.

Background count. For the second time, Massa was chosen or tolerated by Cristina Kirchner to fill the void, real or symbolic, left by Alberto Fernández.. Once resignation and this time inaction or incompetence. That’s where he would try to stand up (again) to change the course of the Kirchnerist government in tatters with his brand. Now there is no room for a new defeat. All or nothing.

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The depth of the current crisis and the dramatic deterioration of the political-economic situation are elements that the yet-to-be minister wants to emphasize in his favor after losing the war against the countryside more than in 2008. Likewise, the power of the Vice President has declined. The strength of weakness.

These are the conditions that Massa now offers as marginal guarantees of action before decision-makers who doubt Cristimborismo’s approval in the face of measures he must take to stabilize the transferred exchange rate and inflationary variables. . The flashbacks led the government to teeter on the brink and allow revenue that had been banned four weeks ago. Peronism in the Key of Tragic Realism.

However, Massa knows that he doesn’t come with any blank check or all the powers he can claim. Very little from Christina Kirchner. That is why, He had to give up important places that he wanted to distribute to his own places to ensure fluidity in the execution of operationsAs well as dismiss the concerns, doubts or misgivings that certain reserves create.

Sequel to Albertista Miguel Bess The position of the Camporista enclave or Cristianista in the Central Bank leadership and energy core Charles Castagneto In AFIP they account for witness cases and limitations and doubts, although for different reasons. Likewise A lack of support for cristomborismo creates discomfort and suspicion in the masa environment.

The Castagneto case against Cristina Kirchner raises huge doubts and concerns. The vice president’s recent declarations of financial secrecy and his history of discretionary harassment of taxpayers during his presidency open up a big question: Could AFIP be the new side of Kirchnerism? Another challenge for Masa is turning his biggest liability into an asset: trust.

Both the design of the Economic Plan and the accompanying selection of names in administration reflect the work of a tightrope walker. It was a novelty for those who had hitherto perfected themselves in the arts of sleight of hand, juggling, and short combata.

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Massa’s coming force and the scale of the challenge he faces are given not only by the difficult economic-financial conditions he has to face, but also by the difficulties he has encountered in building his team.. Despite the insistence of the budding minister, many of the glitzy names did not want to join the cast. Only Delgado and Name refused.

Distrust of room for maneuver was decisive in their rejection of the proposal. Martin Guzmán and Sylvina Patakis not only because of the lack of vetoes or support that could come from the already afflicted cristomborismo, but Alberto Fernandez for the obstacles and delays that vampirized his collaborators.

The continuation of Bess and the appointment of Juan Manuel Olmos as vice president show that Fernández is not giving up.. His self-concept is isolated and completely at odds with the majority opinion. His self-esteem recovers remarkably quickly.

After stress, before Massa’s contract with Christina Kirchner, In the last hours he was busy establishing the idea that Tiger’s arrival was not an act of weakness but of greatness on his part., to ensure the unity of Peronism and avoid the collapse of the government. None of the few natives around him contradict him, but celebrate it. With his spirit on the mend, it remains to be seen whether he uses the pen or saves it for all his new ministerial endeavors.

In Machismo, both Fernández and Cristimborismo believe that their partners will not put obstacles in their hopes of peace for at least 45 days.. Faith focuses less on belief than on need. or in vital instinct. They were never close enough to lose everything, and Christina Kirchner was never too involved in government. For now, 2023 and election ambitions are far away. or fragility is sufficiently concentrated.