October 2, 2023

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Pope Francis and Argentine ambassador meet in China | In Mongolia

Pope Francis and Argentine ambassador meet in China |  In Mongolia

In the midst of his four-day apostolic visit to Mongolia, Pope Francis received Argentina’s Ambassador to China Sabino Vaga Narvaja in Mongolia on Sunday in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The meeting took place in the Apostolic Province of the Mongol capital during George Bergoglio’s sojourn in Asia (see separate).

He spoke specifically about the Pope and the Argentine ambassador A message of peace During his public interventions in the country, the pontiff expressed the contribution that religions can make to overcome conflicts and differences while respecting traditions and diversity.

A conversation with the company land Ambassador Vaca Narvaja said, “The Pope’s visit to Mongolia has a great impact throughout Asia, as the countries of the region share the spirit of reconciliation and peace proposed by Francis’ message.”

“For these developing countries, it is essential to create a more balanced and multilateral world It respects diversity, and this is the path our Pope proposes,” the ambassador added.

On Saturday, Vaca Narvaja took part in the first action led by Francis at the official palace of Mongolian President Ugnaki Kurelchuk, along with ambassadors from Mexico, India, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Cuba.

In Mongolia, Vaca Narvaja met Bolorchuluun Khayangaa, Mongolia’s Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, with whom he agreed to work on foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, opening of the meat and offal trade, and cooperation in the dairy industry. , mining and sustainable development of fodder for winter animals.

Vaca Narvaja expressed gratitude for the re-opening of the citrus market and an invitation from Agriculture Secretary Juan José Pahilo to visit Argentina with a group of Mongolian businessmen and officials in November.

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