February 22, 2024

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The practical situation of the police officer, his father and his brother worsens

The practical situation of the police officer, his father and his brother worsens

January 6, 2024 – 23:32

The practical situation of an inspector officer of the provincial police, his father and his brother worsened because they were arrested because of a serious case of “justice with their own hands”, they were protagonists in the south of the capital on Friday morning.

Police officer Luis Miranda (27), his father Luis (51) and his brother Federico (21) will be behind bars, which was resolved by the investigating prosecutor's office during the investigation led by Gabriela de Marcos. The father and children will be detained and tomorrow, Monday, they will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor's Office building to be questioned for the violent episode near Costanera Avenue where they went with guns to recover the allegedly stolen goods.

The three suspects were defended by lawyer Juan Pablo Morales and it is estimated that they may testify before lawyer de Marcos on Monday.

Authentication sequence

As part of the investigation, a recognition parade for Luis Miranda (the father) was held at the building of the former criminal prosecutor's office – 600 June Street. Confirmed by judicial sources consulted by El Ancasti, the man was subjected to three wheels and pointed by witnesses.


On the other hand, it was learned yesterday morning that the Executive Briefs and Internal Affairs Directorate of the Provincial Police are investigating the incident to determine the steps to follow regarding Officer Miranda's situation.

“The police headquarters and the Ministry of Defense are known to go with justice and therefore, it applies an exemplary punishment in such cases taking into account the seriousness of the role of the police,” they said from the headquarters. In charge of General Commissioner Ulises Marcelo Córdoba.

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The episode happened around 5am on Friday when a group of youths were sharing food and drinks at a house located on Jerusalem Road in the corner of Florida.

The peaceful moment came to an abrupt end when three men barged in, two of them armed with guns, while they were clamoring to be given a speaker. The gunmen were with Miranda and his father and brother, who accused the youth of stealing musical equipment.

Before leaving the house, they hit a young man named Vera with the butt of a revolver, who had to be treated. The man denied stealing the speaker and said he bought it in good faith.

Soon after, the father and sons sped off in a white Peugeot 208 before returning to their home on Zurita Street where they hit another youth who was taken to hospital in a private vehicle with cuts to his head.

Later, the police interrogated the victims and the victims identified them and arrested the trio.

During the search, they seized items including a gun and a speaker.

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