September 29, 2023

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Some Google Nest Hubs are bricked by an overnight update

Some Google Nest Hubs are bricked by an overnight update

Google Nest Hubs automatically restart and/or install updates every night, but an emerging issue shows that some smart assistant screens are stuck, or stuck, on the “update” screen.

It looks like Google rolled out an update for the Nest Hub and Hub Max on Friday night. (Releasing a new version so close to a weekend is totally bizarre and something companies don’t do historically to avoid such issues that teams can’t quickly address the next day.)

Affected Nest Hub owners see a “Refresh” screen that is stuck at 99% with the message “Wait a bit, this will take a few minutes” and the name of the device in the lower right corner.

For some, they are stuck on this screen for hours. Normally, when this happens, you can just unplug the power cable and plug it back in (power cycle) to get the Nest Hub up and running again.

That’s not the case this time around, with Nest Hubs curiously returning to the update message. This indicates a deeper problem, for which contacting Google Support would be an appropriate next step. Hopefully, Google can push a software fix for the affected devices.

He was Vision a dozen or so reports It happens, but our hardware – both (Fuchsia Version 11.20230306.3.134) in the stable channel and the preview software – are fine. When Google rolled out this big update, there weren’t many reports of Nest Hubs breaking.

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