December 2, 2022

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Today’s Epimeris: What Happened on June 10 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In Epimeris of June 10th These events, which took place on a day like today in Argentina and around the world, stand out:

1829. First Argentine command in the Malvinas Islands

Louis Vernet became the first political and military commander of the Malvinas Islands. And promises to comply with Argentine law. He remained in office until a few months before the British occupation in 1833. On the same day, but in 1770, Spanish authorities ordered the expulsion of the British from the archipelago. Remembered June 10, 1829 Day to assert Argentine rights over the Malvinas, Islands and Antarctic.

1941. Gracela Borges was born

Graciela Noemí Zabala, well known Grace Borges. The actress made her debut as one of the iconic faces of Argentine cinema The bossIn 1958. He appeared in the films of Leopoldo Tore Nilsson and excelled. DependentBy Leonardo Favio He starred in the 70s Chronicle of a woman, Revolution, Four triangles, Alone Y Terrible hell. Arrived in the 80s Fairy pubes, Garden travelers Y Poor Butterfly. In the 1990s, he led the cast Fun, a great romance. The closer she got the more she was found inside Slough And inside The story of the blows. Among other awards, he received the Silver Condor and is a distinguished citizen of the city of Buenos Aires.

1942. The Lidis Massacre

Massacre in Lydia. The city of that name was destroyed by the Nazis in the territory of the present Czech Republic. The assassination was in retaliation for the death of Reinhard Heitrich, leader of the Third Reich and one of the leading Holocaust ideologues, who had been killed by the Czech opposition. 173 males, all over the male population over the age of fifteen are hanged. 184 women and 88 children were deported to concentration camps. After the war, 153 women and 17 boys returned to the village.

1967. The Six Day War came to an end

The Six Day War ends with Israel’s great victory.. The effect of the conflict drastically alters the map of the Middle East and its effects reach the present. On June 5, 1967, after the 1948 war and the dispute over the Suez Canal (1956), a third armed conflict began between Israel and its Arab neighbors. On that day, Israel launches a pre-emptive strike against Egyptian bases. Tensions have risen in recent days over Egypt’s demand for Israel to leave Sinai, including the siege of the Tran Strait ordered by President Kamal Abdel Nasser. The Confederation of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq is responding with attacks on Jerusalem and Netanya on June 6. Israeli military force out of control: Between June 9 and 10, its troops occupied the Golan Heights. On the 10th the UN. Israel adheres to ceasefire. In total, 23,000 Arab League soldiers were killed and nearly 800 Israelis were killed. The state of Israel is doubling its surface area by completely occupying the Sinai Peninsula.

1982. Rainer Werner Phosphinder dies

Reiner Werner Fassbinder, the most important German filmmaker after the war, has died at the age of 37. Despite his youth, he leaves a green film. Movies like Focus on that prostitute who is so dear Y The bitter tears of Petra Cond As attracted attention TV movie Martha And series Eight hours does not make a dayBut the consecration came in 1978 Marriage of Maria Brown. In 1980 he adapted the novel for television Alexander Platts, Berlin, By Alfred Dublin. His last pictures Veronica Voss worried, He won the Berlin Festival; Y CaseBased on Jean Janet’s novel.

1990. Alberto Fujimori wins the presidency of Peru

Alberto Fujimori defeated writer Mario Vargas Losa and succeeded him as President of Peru. The Cambio 90 candidate, who had no chance before the campaign, received 62 percent of the vote. Vargas Losa ran for the Democratic Front, a right-wing coalition, after fighting against the government of Alan Garcia and his bank nationalization plan. Despite the institution’s support, he fell short of being the first-round vote-getter to impose a government-like economic recipe like his rival returning to literature. Fujimori has imposed a dictatorship since the dissolution of Congress in 1992 Until his fall in 2000; Even so, Vargas Losa backed his daughter Keiko in the second round of 2021.

2004. Ray Charles died

Ray Charles, one of the most important soul musicians, died at the age of 73. He was born in Georgia in 1930 and lost his sight at the age of seven due to glaucoma. Although blind, he studied piano and saxophone. Artists like Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel do not avoid praise when thinking about the importance and influence of Charles. Created his immense discography magazine Rolling stone It ranked him tenth on the list of best artists of all time, and made him the best male singer in history, and second only to men and women, behind Aretha Franklin. The biography of the year he died was released Ray, It won the Oscar for Jamie Foxx.

2011. Largest Argentine satellite launched into orbit

SAC-D Aquarius, the largest satellite built in Argentina, is in orbit. More than 200 Argentine scientists have participated in the construction of a joint venture between Gone and NASA from the Vandenberg base in California on the Delta II rocket. This date is commemorated as the National Day for the Development of Space Science and Technology.

In addition, they recall World Modern Day And this International Heraldry Day.

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