April 17, 2024

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Super Tuesday of US primaries: Trump maintains lead expected to grow

Super Tuesday of US primaries: Trump maintains lead expected to grow

State wise, what time will the Super Tuesday results be known?

The first information will come from Iowa, where Democrats have been voting by mail for weeks, while Alaska will release its results.

There are 15 states voting on Super Tuesday this year (REUTERS/Loren Elliott)

This Tuesday is known as “Super Tuesday” in the United States. The most important day of the presidential election campaign Because this is the day when more states vote for party conventions and more delegates are elected.

Trump talked about his partner

Donald Trump congratulates Doug Bergham (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has struggled to gain traction in his Republican presidential bid. But he's getting a second wind by reigniting speculation that he's auditioning for a role in a second Trump administration.

Trump addressed the speculation in a radio interview on Monday.

“Well, you know, I can say that.”Trump responded when asked if Burgum was on his list of vice presidential candidates.

The interview coincided with Republican caucuses in North Dakota, where Trump said he didn't want to. “Annoying people too much” and said he was no closer to making a final decision.

“I can tell you one thing,” Trump said, referring to Bargam. “I'd be really good at it. “He's going to do a great job, he's a wonderful person, and he's been a really great governor.”

Trump is aiming to get the Republican nomination

Donald Trump, in an archive photo (EFE/Amanda Sabga)

Donald Trump sought to cement his dominance of the Republican presidential nomination with a win in Super Today's primaries. Almost launched a formal campaign against President Joe Biden, he attempted a surprise return to the White House.

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This time, Trump's only remaining candidate, Nikki Haley.

Halley is a “lost cause,” physicist Andrew Bugel told AFP at a polling station in Huntington Beach, California. “Today is her last day,” he said, although he added that Trump would be wise to make her his running mate and “bring the country together more.”

Trump's expected rise comes a day after the Supreme Court rejected a petition by a handful of US states. Keep him off the ballot for his attack on the 2020 election. When he refused to concede defeat to Biden and provoked a massive attack on the US capital.

Republicans and Democrats dispute one key area: the military vote

The 16 states and one territory that voted in the 2024 presidential elections on Tuesday have high proportions of active-duty service members and large veteran populations: Texas, California, Virginia and North Carolina.

But North Carolina veterans interviewed ahead of the primary season's most important voting day varied in their political views, even as they acknowledged their military service had affected them.

Biden prepares for his speech on Thursday

President Joe Biden is spending the days leading up to Super Tuesday preparing for another big political event of the week: State of the Union address.

Biden has been with his closest advisers at Camp David, the presidential retreat outside Washington, according to a source familiar with the preparations, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Advisors accompanying Biden include Chief of Staff Jeff Giants, Vice President Bruce Reid, Senior Advisor Anita Dunn, Director of Speechwriting Vinay Reddy, Advisor Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilan, a senior Biden advisor with whom he recently worked. Door to door for re-election campaign. There's also John Meacham, Biden's favorite presidential historian.

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Other officials also participate in it. The president returns to the White House on Tuesday afternoon. State of the Union address Thursday.

Taylor Swift called for voting during Super Tuesday in America

“I wanted to remind you to vote for the people who represent you the most. If you haven't done so yet, make a plan to vote today,” the singer wrote on social media.

Taylor Swift used her social networks to invite her fans to vote during Super Tuesday in America EFE/EPA/JOEL CARRETT.

Taylor Swift has called on her followers to participate in the 2024 primary elections, marking her return to the US political arena. This Tuesday, March 5, the artist took to his Instagram to remind his fans of the importance of voting for candidates who truly represent them, whether in his beloved Tennessee or anywhere else in America.

The Biden campaign

Joe Biden (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Joe Biden aired Super Tuesday to try to boost his support among black voters, a key segment of the population for Democrats, ahead of November's general election.

A well-known radio journalist in North Carolina, Mrs. In an interview with Jessica, Biden highlighted his accomplishments for black voters, including increased funding for historically black colleges and investments in infrastructure.

In another radio interview, Biden launched a strong attack on his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump.

“I think the way (Trump) talks, the way he acts, the way he treats the African-American community, is disgraceful.”