June 3, 2023

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Tennessee Volunteers arrest soccer player William Mohan after his arrest

Tennessee Volunteers arrest soccer player William Mohan after his arrest

Tennessee Volunteers Back William Mohan He was suspended indefinitely after being arrested Sunday on a domestic aggravated assault charge, the school announced Tuesday.

“We are aware of the arrest of student football athlete William Mohan,” a spokesperson for the Tennessee State Department of Athletics said in a statement. “He was immediately suspended indefinitely from all team activities.”

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, officers responded to the local disturbances on Saturday and Mohan had already left the scene when officers arrived. The woman told the officers that she had called Mohan, but she realized when he arrived that he was drunk. She told the officers that she had tried to push Mohan into her room to avoid waking her roommates and that he had tried to initiate intercourse with her. She tells the officers that Mohan became aggressive towards her when she denied his advances.

In the report, the woman stated that Mohan used one hand to pull her face and the other to strangle her by the throat and pull her towards him. The woman told the police that she screamed and got away from Mohan’s grip, got up from the bed to pick up the iron on her desk and demanded Mohan leave. She said Mohan was standing on her bed and refused to leave, at which time she went to the kitchen and got a knife.

When she entered the bedroom again with the knife, she told the police, she asked Mohan to leave again. She said he grabbed her by the throat with one hand and took the knife with the other. She said her roommate went into the bedroom and asked Mohan to leave.

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The report said Mohan eventually collected his belongings and left but started knocking on the door after a short time and calling out the woman’s name. The woman said she brought Mohan back to the apartment and he passed out on the sofa. She told the police that she then started calling the numbers on Mohan’s phone to find a way to get him home.

An arrest warrant was issued for Mohan, and the police arrested him the next day. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 16.

Mohan, a sophomore in a red shirt, played mainly in special teams last season and is a reserve full-back. He moved to Tennessee State from Michigan before the 2021 season.