May 23, 2024

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The crew of the Venezuelan flight that took place in Argentina spoke for the first time

The crew of the Venezuelan flight that took place in Argentina spoke for the first time
Caesar Perez, President of Etrasur, and Mario Arraga, Financial Manager of the company, presented their version.

The scandal of the Emtrasour flight that arrived in Buenos Aires with 19 people on June 6, 5 of them Iranians, added a new chapter with the group’s first official statement. Venezuela Arleneus Ortiz was interviewed, describing himself as a “political spokesman” but he would be associated with the president of Emdrasou, Chavismo, and Caesar Perez; And the company’s financial manager Mario Arraga presented their version.

Arraga’s word came as a spokesman for the Venezuelan delegation still stationed in Buenos Aires because it was not until now that Conviasa’s cargo subsidiary had sent a senior official on the plane.. Perez, the company’s president, said he had authorized his finance manager’s trip to contact “links at airports” because it was the first flight to Argentina, but he did not provide further details and did not ask Venezuela. Interviewer for them.

Both Rene Fernandez, Minister of the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat of Paraguay, denied all forms of abuse. Confirmed that at least one crew member of the plane was associated with terrorist organizations. The pilot of the Paraguayan plane promised, The Iranian Gholamreza Ghasemi actually has a relationship with the Goods Force, A section of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force. Furthermore, Paraguay’s intelligence service has warned that other Iranians will continue to work for the airline Cashmere Air, which is subject to US Treasury restrictions on being owned by the majors.

Neither Peres nor Erraka provided much information about the Iranians detained in Buenos Aires., And Perez from Caracas and Arraca from Buenos Aires only appeared on YouTube. Three more Venezuelans, part of the group, with the latter, their names were not confirmed and they did not speak at any time during the interview ordered by Artis.

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Perez is very serious. He said it was “absurd” that “they were slandered” by 19 team members in Argentina.. “We have 5 instructors and the rest are from Venezuela. Venezuela has not had aircraft with these characteristics, not in the last 20 years, so obviously we do not have Venezuelan pilots.

Caesar Perez, President of Etrasur, and Mario Arraga, Financial Manager of the company, presented their version.

Also, he justified the number of people on board because he needed cargo crews to help the only woman on board. “We have a Victoria Valdiviso, a woman, and although we have automated systems, sometimes because of the weight, it takes strength to push,” the head of Emtrasour confirmed.

Perez reiterated the role of instructors for Iranians: “I understand the problem with nationality, but until we can properly certify our team the seller of this organization included logistical support in the contract.”

Mario Arraga, the company’s financial manager, and three Venezuelan employees of the Embassy flight

When asked by Araka about his current relationship with the Iranian team, he assured that it was always limited to the training phase. “The rest, who come with us throughout this trip, are very calm and always ready for legal proceedings. We always focus on their well-being at the hotel.”

Araga has on several occasions assured that the company is asking for humanitarian values. He confirmed that the trip began on June 3, bringing humanitarian aid to Suriname on the orders of the Venezuelan regime. Printed an epic view of his work: “The Bolivarian government used this aircraft not only to import goods but also to export and link our sister countries in the region to promote our country’s growth.Like this opportunity, an Argentine businessman was able to obtain an important trade item from Mexico at the time of registration in order to give continuity to his production process. “It simply came to our notice then. We bring a helping hand to happiness, well-being and Suriname, ”he stressed.

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“We have nothing to hide, everyone they find will be a reflection of who we are, the workers who are part of a leading company and the spearhead of inventory in the region,” he added.

The flight took place in Ezeiza
The flight took place in Ezeiza

From Caracas, Perez targeted the Paraguayan authorities, who found the information and accused them of firing into Argentina.. Even if they continue to inspect, they are not going to get anything completely illegal because there is nothing illegal.

And he pointed out: “Justice and truth will set us free, and those who are responsible must accept it.”

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