June 4, 2023

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The Finnish National Coalition Party declares victory in the elections Election news

With 93.4 percent of the votes counted, Marin conceded defeat while the Urbu party looks set to win the most seats in parliament.

The leader of Finland’s right-wing opposition National Coalition party, Petteri Urbu, has declared victory in the closely fought parliamentary elections in the Scandinavian country.

“We’ve got the ultimate mandate,” Orbo said in a speech to his followers on Sunday.

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, affiliated with the ruling Social Democratic Party, admitted defeat in the parliamentary elections, which witnessed severe differences.

Congratulations to the winner of the election and congratulations to [conservative] National Coalition Party Congratulations to [far-right] Finns party. Democracy has spoken,” Marin told her supporters.

With 93.4 percent of the votes counted, it looks like Urbu will have the most seats in parliament, 48 out of 200 in total. Election data from the Ministry of Justice showed that the party had 20.5 percent support among the votes cast.

With each of the top three parties expected to receive around 20% of the vote, no party is in a position to form a government on its own.

“Based on this result, talks will begin on forming a new government in Finland led by the National Coalition Party,” Urbu said.

The National Coalition Party came out on top with 20.7 percent, closely followed by the right-wing Populist Party of Finland with 20.1 percent, while the Marin Social Democratic Party got 19.9 percent.

Marin, 37, is considered by fans around the world as a millennial role model for progressive new leaders, but at home, she has faced criticism for her government’s public spending and partying.

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If the NCP’s lead continues, Urbu will get the first chance to form a coalition to gain a majority in parliament, and Marin’s term as prime minister will likely end.

National Coalition Party chairman Pettere Orbo celebrates in the party’s parliamentary elections after seeing an early vote count[Lehtikuva/AnttiAimo-KoivistoviaReuters[Lehtikuva/AnttiAimo-KoivistoviaReuters][Lehtikuva/AnttiAimo-KoivistoviaReuters[[Lehtikuva/AnttiAimo-KoivistoviaReuters[

The NCP has led in opinion polls for nearly two years, though its lead has melted in recent months. She promised to reduce spending and stem the rise in public debt, which has reached just over 70 percent of gross domestic product since Marin took office in 2019.

Urbu Marin was accused of undermining Finland’s economic resilience at a time when Europe’s energy crisis, prompted by Russia’s war in Ukraine, has hit hard and the cost of living has soared.