September 29, 2023

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The head of Ukrainian intelligence confirms that Putin has cancer and wants to oust him: “he is very ill.”

The head of Ukrainian intelligence confirms that Putin has cancer and wants to oust him: “he is very ill.”

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence said in an interview on Friday Vladimir Putin is already in a coup in Russia to remove him from office as he is suffering from cancer..

“We can confirm that Putin is in a very bad mental and physical condition. Not very sick. He suffers from many diseases at once, one of which is cancer.Major General Girillo Budanov said To the British chain Skynews.

Health of the Russian President Has become a big question among the questions War in Ukraine After it was Spreads many videos What do you recommend Weakened. In one he can be seen holding a desk during a meeting and in the other he has a slight tremor in his hands. Recent speculations revolved around pictures of Victory Day celebrations in which the president could be seen covering his feet with a blanket.

During the military parade on May 9 –Celebration of Soviet victory Against the Nazis in World War II – it was seen as a presidency He had only the blanket on his lapUnlike the other senior generals at the event, who sat around him on a podium and did not have such a coat, despite the fact that they were older than him.

Similarly, one A detailed investigation by the Russian opposition media, which examined the president’s medical trips, has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer..

In an interview with the British media, he promised that the war against Russia was “going very well.” It will reach a turning point in mid – August and end at the end of the year. “. This is the most accurate prediction ever made by a senior Ukrainian official. “I’m optimistic,” he added.

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The interview took place in his office, in a dark room filled with war equipment, guarded by sandbags stacked on his windows.

Sky News further described The machine guns piled on the floor and a spare gun on his desk doubled the paper weight of the magazine.

Vladimir Putin, last Monday, on Victory DayMaxim Shemetov – X90156

Budanov, 36, He correctly predicted when the Russian invasion would take place while other members of his government were openly skepticalAnd now he says he is determined to predict his decision.

“The breaking point will be in the second half August. The most active combat operations will be completed by the end of this year. as a consequence, We will renew Ukrainian power in all the territories we have lost, including Donbass and Crimea. “

According to Futano, Russia’s tactics have shifted to the East, but Russia has suffered heavy losses, although he declined to comment on the Ukrainian casualties. “We know everything about our enemy. We will know as soon as their plans are drawn up, ”he assured..

“Europe sees Russia as a great threat. They are afraid of his aggression. We have been fighting against Russia for eight years, and such advertised Russian power can be said to be a myth. It’s not that powerful. It’s a mob with guns. “He finished.