May 23, 2024

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She went viral on Dictok because her online date told her she had a boyfriend when she flew in to see her.

She went viral on Dictok because her online date told her she had a boyfriend when she flew in to see her.

Who does not Broken heart. In modern times, before cheating on someone in person, by phone call and letter, it seems that the ways of getting frustrated in love have increased. However, with the Internet the options have grown so much Anyone can be a teenager on this TikTok.

He traveled from Mexico City to Sonora State to meet his girlfriend She was heartbroken when she told him she had a boyfriend just minutes before the flight took off. His disappointing story moved users a lot in a short period of time It is viral.

Through social networking Alvaro Torres (alvarotorres273) said I met a young woman on the internet. Throughout the epidemic they talked and formed an emotional bond It seemed to him that he should go in person and surprise her.

Like a romantic movie that leaves everything for her without looking far, he bought a ticket on a flight to the northern state. While he was on the plane, he decided to tell her he was going to meet her, however, he got a bad response.

Illustrated file photo of TikTok logo (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic /)

Sorry, I have a boyfriend.

Young She admitted at the time that she had spoken to him throughout the epidemic “because I was bored”. She never told him the truth and convinced him that they were having an emotional relationship at a distance.

However, as soon as he finished hearing the voice message, the plane he was boarding took off. Not upside down. I had to move to another state for plantingHe never met the young woman and never spent the time he had saved for her with a broken heart.

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His tragic story soon became popular on TikTok as well Received thousands of support messages There he was going to perform well and was told he should enjoy those holidays, but most importantly he was told not to stop telling his story and make part two.

“Well, go for a walk and maybe you can find something better … Each cloud has a silver lining.. ”, A user told him. On the other hand, a Netizen told him sadly: “Someone who wants to buy even if it’s a piece of gum πŸ™β€, He pointed out that he did a great deed to be with someone when there were other human beings who were disrespectful and did not give small details.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Others joked: “Scream at the driver to get your brother off”, “It’s going to be viral, and the boyfriend is looking at this dictator ”. There were also comments complaining about the young woman’s attitude, because even though it was far away, she was never clear and had deceived him for a long time: “And did playing with one’s feelings eliminate boredom?

At the request of TikTok users, the frustrated young man uploaded the second part, in which he himself suggests “Do not do things like this for love”. Plus, he said he took the time to walk away, not in other states or other countries to avoid bitter drinks, saying he probably should find love in his hometown now.

Thanks for making his story viral, Many users, even from other countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Guatemala, took the opportunity to visit him and comment that they would like to meet him.

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