December 7, 2023

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The Israeli army performs an operation at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

The Israeli army performs an operation at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza
Palestinians injured in Israeli bombings sleep in a hospital bed at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City (Europe Press/Sayed Jarras)

The Israeli Army (IDF) confirmed early Wednesday that it was carrying out an operation at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. This is stated in the statement issued by the security forces “Carrying out a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specific area of ​​Shifa Hospital.”

In a post on its X account (formerly Twitter), the army said, “The Israel Defense Forces a Precise and selective operation Against Hamas in a certain area of ​​the hospital Shifa, based on intelligence information and operational need. The IDF is conducting a ground operation in Gaza to defeat Hamas and rescue hostages. “Israel is at war against Hamas, not against the citizens of Gaza.”

In the background, the facade of Al Shifa Hospital (REUTERS/Doaa Rouqa)

“The IDF forces include medical teams and Arabic speakers who have received specific training to prepare for this complex and sensitive environment, with the aim of not harming the civilians that Hamas uses as human shields,” the release added.

Along these lines, the military described “In recent weeks, the IDF has repeatedly warned publicly that Hamas’s continued military use of the Shifa hospital would undermine its protected status under international law.”.

The hospital administration was informed in advance about entering the premises. After the operation, incubators, medical equipment and baby food are expected to be transferred to the hospital,” the IDF said.

FILE: Wounded in the corridor of Al Shifa Hospital (REUTERS).

“Yesterday, the IDF again informed the relevant Gaza authorities that all military operations at the hospital must cease within 12 hours. Unfortunately, they did not. The IDF has also facilitated a mass evacuation of the hospital and is maintaining regular dialogue with the hospital authorities. We call on all Hamas terrorists in the hospital to surrender,” The army concluded.

The United Nations estimates at least 2,300 patients, staff and displaced civilians are housed within the centreTrapped after heavy fighting and aerial bombardment.

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Witnesses described conditions as horrific as medical procedures were carried out without anaesthetics, families with little food or water in the hallways and the stench of decomposing corpses filling the air.

Bodies are strewn around the hospital premises and the mortuary has no electricity, said hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya.

“We are forced to bury them in a mass grave,” he added, adding that 179 bodies have been buried so far, including seven newborns who died when incubators lost power.

Before the attack, US President Joe Biden urged Israel to take “less intrusive measures regarding the hospital”. He said the hospital should be protected.

The army has surrounded the compound as part of a ground offensive against Hamas. The Israeli government said the militant group was hiding military operations, but Israeli soldiers were prevented from entering because hundreds of patients and medical staff were inside.

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