July 22, 2024

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It happened on TV: Yanina Ladorre recalled her abortion, Bulrich anticipated the election result, and Joaquin Levinton said who he would vote for.

It happened on TV: Yanina Ladorre recalled her abortion, Bulrich anticipated the election result, and Joaquin Levinton said who he would vote for.
November 14 TV Summary

At his death Lusu TV instead of Nacho Elizalde, Yanina Ladorre He recalls the traumatic situation he experienced at the age of 26 AbortionWhen faced with Joaquin Levinton Runoff He said that he will vote for Sergio Massa And Patricia Bullrich He ruled that it would be “illegal” if the ruling party won.

With four days to go before the presidential election, campaign shutdowns are intensifying and candidates and other officials are offering their views on the political panorama, future proposals and confirmation of changes in bias.

In this way, Economy Minister Sergio Massa promised this Tuesday that if he becomes head of state, he will promote measures to provide greater transparency to the public administration.

“The biggest challenge to show our willingness to advance a transparency agenda is that our proposal includes it Anti-Corruption Bureau It is proposed and headed by an approved person Congress From the main opposition bloc,” Massa said.

The official candidate for the presidency of Argentina is Sergio Massa (Argentina). EFE/Luis Robaio/Pool

As for the opposition parties, the ex-candidate Patricia Bullrich Pointing against the ruling party, he assured that their “last resort is to try to earn illegally what they cannot earn legally”. He also said that lawyers will be employed Freedom developments.

Towards the end, the campaign atmosphere became very tense. Constitution He was severely beaten and assaulted.

“They wet me and broke my head for handing out ballots,” the man said in a video that went viral on social media.

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It was against anyone Javier M And described him as “facho” and “extreme right”. Andrés Manuel López ObradorThe president of Mexico while recalling what the libertarian described Pope Francisco “To support the poor and to be a good Christian.”

López Obrador criticizes former presidents Fox and Calderon for supporting Javier Mili

In the same way he mentioned Joaquin Levinton While agreeing before Chronicle Who will I vote for? “Vote for Massa,” said the mobile driver, to which the musician replied: “Now I have these two situations. One seems crazy to me, the other seems very neutral to me.

As for the world of entertainment, yesterday Luz TV listeners were surprised by the replacement of panelist Nacho Elizalde. It was Yanina Ladorre who occupied her chair and silenced everyone with her strong statements, including child abortion.

“It was a day when I lost my first child the riverthe mouthI didn’t say anything Diego (Ladorre) Until the end of the game. I swear. “I lost a child, I called my mother, they took me, I solved everything, when Diego arrived I told him what happened,” he commented on air. Nobody says anything.

If it is mother and child, Ileana Calabro He shared his happiness with more than 600 thousand followers. instagram With less than forty seconds but emotional video. It’s about reuniting with one of his sons, Nicholas Brazil Since 2020, the actress has not been seen for more than two years.

“Here they are, mother and son, two years later meeting baby Ileana. “Little boy…” he blurted out. Luis Alberto Di Stefano, a couple from Calabro were tasked with capturing the moment mother and son join in an endless embrace. “I missed you,” Ileana tells Nicholas through tears and a smile.

Ileana Calabro was excited about her son’s arrival

However, the scenes are not so happy for all celebrities. Nine months after his breakup Sophia Aldrey, Fede Paul He gave his statements and recalled the difficult moment they had gone through.

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“I’m sorry, I was able to apologize. These are things that I have to deal with and analyze myself,” the son explained Carmen Barbieri Inside Intruders (USA).

Fede Paul told how his talk with Sofia Aldre was after the scandalous breakup

In the end, a couple who looked happy on all social networks Nicole Newman And Manu Arcera. A car driver intercepted the newlyweds Intruders (USA).

“The marriage was all good, and it was all good when it was over,” the model said briefly, ignoring a reporter who asked her about “the other party’s new demands” and continuing her walk hand in hand with her husband. To which he concluded by saying, “Enjoying my fatigue.”