December 7, 2023

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Syrian refugee charged with stabbing four children and two adults in France

Syrian refugee charged with stabbing four children and two adults in France
The incident took place in the Alpine paradise of Annecy. The attacker was a Syrian asylum seeker who had already been arrested. Children are very vulnerable.

He Male That was last Thursday He stabbed four children and two adults in a park in the city of AnnecyA A Syrian with refugee status in Sweden And was inside France He has been homeless Defendant This Saturday, but not for terrorist crimes, and He was imprisoned.

Annecy’s Public Prosecutor, Liz Bonnetwho announced his allegation in a press conference, he already mentioned There is no fear for the lives of the six victims In the attack, but four children (aged three years to 22 months) and one adult remain in hospital.

Two children (one born in February 2021 and one born in August 2020) are French. In addition, a small British girl born in March 2020 who was on holiday with her family in Annecy, as well as another Dutch girl, were taken to the emergency hospital after the attack.

For two adults, One has already been discharged A second man, who was involuntarily shot by police in addition to being stabbed by the attacker, is still hospitalized but his condition has allowed him to testify.

The prosecutor indicated that the assailant had been identified Abdelmasih.-, who is the sole author He refused to answer the questions He has been held for 48 hours at a police station in this town in the French Alps before being brought before an investigating judge.

A psychiatrist who examined him at the time of his arrest announced this Amenable to inquiry, and not perceiving the delusional element in him.

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Magistrates have charged him with the following offences Gun Rebellion And, above all, Attempted murderA crime punishable by up to him Life sentence.

Bonnet has emphasized in the investigations carried out so far “There is no apparent terrorist motive”. According to witnesses to the attack who were questioned by police, he appeared to be muttering during the stabbing. His wife, his daughter and Jesus Christ.

When he was arrested by five police officers, his belongings were found minutes after the attack on the children and in the same park on the shores of Lake Annecy, 300 meters from where the events took place. In addition to the boxing he used for aggression, A A cross, two Christian pictures, a Swedish driver’s license and 440 euros in cash.

has 31 years And his wife and three-year-old daughter both live in Sweden, where he received refugee status in 2013. In May 2022, he left Sweden and stayed in Italy and Switzerland before landing in France, where he lives without a stable life. Address since October last year.

A woman pays respects in front of messages and floral tributes at a children’s playground, the day after several children and adults were injured in a knife attack in Le Paquier park near the lake in Annecy, French Alps, France, June 9, 2023. REUTERS/Denis Polybous

Upon arrival, he applied for refugee status in France, but the administration responded on the 4th with a refusal because he had already recognized that status in Sweden.

A law that allowed him to pass through the Schengen area, although he could not settle permanently in a country other than the one that granted him refugee status.

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This question is a Controversy in France Formed by some leaders of the right and extreme right, they seized the opportunity Condemns immigration policyHis views are more liberal, and critical of European rules, particularly those that allow refugees to move freely.

According to the French press, when the civil war broke out in 2011, Abdelmasih H. Mobilized by his country’s army, he decided to go to the desert.

First passed Turkey itselfHe later met what became his wife (Syrian, then nationalized Swedish), with whom he moved to Sweden, where his son was born.

The attacker’s mother, who lives in the United States, told the French press that her son had been victimized “severe depression” For his repeated rejections of his applications for Swedish citizenship.

(with information from EFE)

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