February 27, 2024

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The Israeli military launched heavy attacks in central and southern Gaza on the 97th day of its war against Hamas.

The Israeli military launched heavy attacks in central and southern Gaza on the 97th day of its war against Hamas.

Countries supporting South Africa's case before the ICJ and Israel

Below are the countries and organizations supporting South Africa's case against Israel before the International Court of Justice: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OCI), Malaysia, Turkey itself, Jordan And Bolivia.

Besides, Maldives, Namibia, PakistanThe Arab League, Colombia And Brazil They have also supported South Africa.

Brazil president's support for African country Luis Inacio Lula da SilvaIt was officially announced on Wednesday after a meeting with the Palestinian ambassador. Ibrahim AlsebanIn Brasilia.

For its part, the Colombian government Gustavo Pedro “It welcomes the case filed by South Africa against Israel (…) for violating the provisions of the 1948 Convention Against Genocide,” it expressed in a statement.

America supports its ally IsraelAnd the State Department calls the allegations “baseless.”

“In fact, those who violently attack Israel are those who openly and consistently call for the destruction of Israel and the mass slaughter of Jews,” a State Department spokesman said. Matthew Miller.

Israel's other Western allies, including the European Union, have remained largely silent. England refused to support the case.

Blinken-Al CC junction in Cairo

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenand the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al SisiThey met in Cairo.

Reuters According to reports, the visit came a day after Sissy met Raja Abdullah President of Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmood Abbas, in the port of Aqaba, on the Red Sea. Blinken met with Abbas yesterday in Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Blinken, who visited nine countries and the occupied West Bank in a week, brought Israel a tough deal under which its neighbors would help Gaza rehabilitate after the war and continue economic integration with Israel. An independent Palestinian state.

South Africa at International Court: “Israel has crossed the line”

South Africa's Justice Minister Ronald Lamola (REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen)

South Africa accused Israel of violating the UN Genocide Convention Presents the case before International Court of Justice (ICJ), held that there was not even an attack Hamas October 7 may justify these alleged actions.

“No armed attack against the territory of a State, however serious, can justify or justify non-compliance with the Convention,” declared the Pretoria Justice Minister. Ronald Lamola. “Israel's response to the October 7 attack crossed this line and led to a violation of the Convention,” he added.

South Africa's leading lawyer, Adila HashimIsrael's bombing campaign was targeted, he said.Destruction of Palestinian lives and took the Palestinians “On the Verge of Famine”.

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“Genocides are never declared in advance, but this court has had the benefit of evidence over the past 13 weeks which indisputably demonstrates the conduct and associated intent justifying a credible claim of acts of genocide,” he said.

South Africa's Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola, lawyer Adela Hashim and a delegation sit as judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). South Africa's request for emergency measures is being investigated. (REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen)

Pretoria is a rAn urgent appeal to the ICJ to compel Israel to “immediately suspend” its military operations in Gaza. South Africa has recognized a “special responsibility” to accuse Israel of genocide. He has “unequivocally” condemned the Hamas attacks that fueled the war in Gaza. As a signatory to the treaty, South Africa can take Israel to the ICJ, which settles disputes between countries and is often described as the “World Court”.

Israelwho has passed “Heinous” and “absurd” caseHe will present his own arguments on Friday.

As this is an emergency procedure, The ICJ may rule in a few weeks. Their sentence is final and non-appealable. However, countries do not always abide by the court's rulings: for example the ICJ has ordered Russia to stop its aggression against Ukraine.

But a ruling against Israel would undoubtedly increase political pressure on the country, and many speculated that it would serve as a pretext for imposing economic sanctions.

Israeli police arrested 2 Palestinian supporters of Islamic State

Israeli police said Thursday Two Palestinian supporters of the Islamic State group were arrested They had plans to carry out “terrorist attacks” against the country's security forces.

Two East Jerusalem residents planned Prepare explosive devices against security forcesThe force said in a statement.

“The two terrorists espoused the ideology of the Islamic State group and consumed content via the Internet and Telegram, including videos of the group's executions abroad,” the statement said. “Influenced by the organisation's content, the duo planned terrorist attacks against police officers and border police.”

As with other Islamic terrorist groups, arrests of Islamic State followers are relatively rare in Israel Hamas And this Islamic Jihad They are the most numerous in the country.

Israeli justice officials do not believe the ICJ has ordered an end to the war in Gaza, according to the press

Posts in the Ministry of Justice Israel They do not believe that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will order Israel Stop fighting LoopThey assured the newspaper, within the framework of a process starting today to discuss South Africa's complaint that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Haaretz.

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According to officials quoted by this newspaper, as part of the process to be unveiled today, The UN High Court can take precautionary measuresIncluding ordering Israel Allow humanitarian aid access to GazaAn independent inquiry to analyze what happened or to authorize the return of displaced Palestinians, especially from the Northern Territory.

Even then, the same accusations assume that they are watching The court is unlikely to call for a cease-fire in GazaAs part of its mission to dismantle the terror group – particularly in the center and south – Israel continues its offensive along the coast. Hamas.

A trial between South Africa and Israel begins at the UN court

People sit inside the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the day of the hearing to hear South Africa's request for emergency measures, which asked the court to halt Israel's military operations in Gaza. (REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen)

Legal Committee South Africa Mun began this Thursday to present his legal arguments International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest court of the UN, to request Emergency Precautionary Measures Against IsraelHe accuses his war in Gaza of “genocidal intent” and demands an end to the bombing of the Strip.

Led by a team of legal and academic experts appointed by Pretoria John DugardSouth African Professor of International Law and former UN Commissioner for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“Israel's actions and omissions are aimed at genocide would result in the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, ethnic and racial group: part of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip,” South Africa charged when it launched the procedure against Israel on December 29.

The case focuses Violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, was ratified in 1948 and is in force in 152 countries. South Africa warned that “Israel has participated, is participating, and risks continuing to commit acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.”

These inquiries will not go into the merits of the case yet and will only focus on this Precautionary measures are required “To protect the rights of the Palestinian people against further, serious and irreparable harm” during the attack on Gaza.

Among the measures demanded, South Africa demanded that Israel immediately halt its military operations in Gaza, prevent destruction and ensure the preservation of any evidence related to the case.

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Tunnels were used to hide Israeli hostages found in Khan Yunis

Israeli army discovers tunnels in Khan Yunis where Hamas hid Israeli hostages

Israeli forces announced today that they had discovered a “vast underground tunnel” belonging to the terrorist group yesterday. Hamas “Under the city Khan Younis”, which is “connected with a An extensive network of underground tunnels below a civil sphere.”

According to estimates, “millions of shekels were invested in digging the tunnel and equipping it with ventilation, electricity and plumbing systems.” In this regard, after inspecting the tunnels, the Army gave assurances “We were able to confirm that there were Israeli hostages inside.”.

According to the Armed Forces, in Khan Younis They fight “underground and on the surface in urban areas of the city” with the goal of finding and removing tunnels with “advanced technology and methods”.

All in all, they said they were More than 300 mine shafts are locatedand “certain important” underground areas “used as weapons storage facilities”.

The offensive continues with intense attacks in central and southern Gaza

(Europa Press/Contact/JINI)

Even today, the Israeli army continues to attack Attacks in central and southern GazaDozens of Palestinians were killed and wounded in the last hour, the 97th day of the offensive against Hamas.

Israeli forces carried out operations in the refugee camp of Al Mahaji -Central Gaza- and in the southern city Khan Younissouth of the enclave, a military spokesman said, while the official Palestinian news agency Wafa “Several bombings in various parts of the Strip by land, sea and air,” it reported, “killed dozens of civilians.”

According to the army, the soldiers identified three Palestinian fighters Al Mahaji And a fighter jet attacked the group as it left TunnelDuring the same operation troops “found a large number of weapons in an apartment” belonging to a militant.

In the same section, “Israeli forces were identified 8 terrorists visited school used for terrorist activities“, followed by “they were eliminated by precision sniper fire.”

In zone Khan YounisThe Israeli military said it had killed four other militants, including two They planted a bomb on the ground”, and faced shots from anti-tank missiles, after which he “attacked the infrastructure” of the militants from which the fire was fired.