December 1, 2023

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The Nación rental complex in Cúmez was seized from an international drug gang that laundered assets in Mar del Plata.

The Nación rental complex in Cúmez was seized from an international drug gang that laundered assets in Mar del Plata.

Three shopping malls in the center of Güemes belongs to it A powerful international drug organization It was removed in 2018 and gone Rented to individuals The Agency for the Administration of State Assets (Aabe) is responsible for them while the federal courts enforce the expropriation of 190 properties linked to the company.

It’s about calling Losa clanSalta Waldemar, a drug cartel led by brothers Edwin and Jose Gonzalo Llosa – died of an illness in 2019. They set up a financial system to launder the multimillion-dollar assets of this illegal activity that spread across Mar del Plata..

The assets of the organization include: Three shops in San Lorenzo 1281, a few meters from Güemes street, in one of the main shopping centers of the city. These properties are located Subject to the jurisdiction of the Abbey FEDERAL CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL COURT NO. Pursuant to the precautionary measure issued in the case held by 10, the destruction of the ownership of the properties seized from the Lhosa clan is being processed.

Through two resolutions published this Thursday in the National Official Gazette, Aabe allowed pStrict usage charges of three premises of 89 sq.mtrs each. The first is in favor of an individual, and the remaining two are LLC’s that have a lease agreement in place with the owners, where they run a clothing business that is completely unrelated to narco gangs. As determined by the National Appraisal Court, the monthly rent for one location would be $158,000, while the two combined locations would be $248,000 per month, subject to rent renewals every six months, according to reference stabilization. coefficient (CER). ), produced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina.

Losa clan

In December 2018, the Losa Clan, a drug cartel that bought cocaine in Bolivia, fell within the framework of a mega-operation with 50 raids in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Salta and Spain. Distributed in Peru and Europe. 24 members of the organization, which had branches in Mar del Plata, were arrested. They made various attempts to launder the assets generated by drug sales. In the city, various raids were conducted at hotels, complexes and parking lots in the city that were taken over by the Lhosa clan.

The investigation began in April 2011, when federal judge Sergio Torres opened a case to understand the actions of the gang led by the Llosa brothers. The investigation allowed us to find out that Cocaine was bought in Peru and Bolivia and then distributed from Argentina to other European countries such as Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium.. Criminals used a so-called “blind hook” method: when customs controlled the container, the agency’s intruder introduced the drug and sealed it using double seals for the original drugs.

Diego’s Ferrari. One of the seized cars belonged to Maradona.

In turn, it was revealed that these drug gangs handled large amounts of money in euros and dollars introduced into the country through the institutions of an illegal financial system with a structure dedicated exclusively to the placement of drug trafficking profits anywhere in the world. . The gang was also known for some extravagant purchases made with drug money: Among luxury goods and real estate, a Ferrari F355 SP owned by Diego Maradona stood out..

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