February 29, 2024

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The president nominated him for re-election and a section of the cabinet promoted him

The president nominated him for re-election and a section of the cabinet promoted him

In a crucial week for the future of his administration, the President, amid legal treatment of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement Alberto Fernandez Give up his desire to run for re-election in 2023. “Before the end of my tenure, I assure Mario that during this first term of office I will have the industrial pole needed to employ the men and women of Jose C. Boss.”Yesterday the mayor of that city addressed Mario Ishii. Fernandez added that some “loyal” members of his administration had already commented on the matter.As Head of Product Development, Matthias GulfasAnd John Jabaleta, Social development. Or even, Wilma IberraHis Legal and Technical Secretary, who Questioned representatives and officials who disagreed with the government.

The pre-debate for 2023 occurs when it was acknowledged a week ago in the Balcarce 50. “Hinge” What does it mean to seek the approval of an agreement that avoids default on the country before the credit system, not only for the future of the Fernandes administration, but also for the future of Argentina? “With the logical tension of a major political and economic decision for the government, the expectation is to focus on the IMF. Because one continues with the agreement and the other without. Beyond what it means economically, what is the lack of internal support? ”He previously assessed. Nation An important executive.

“What happens in the next few days is Alberto’s strength or weakness.”Officials close to Fernandez acknowledged that he categorically rejected the president’s assessment of the possibility of a break with severe Christianity even if they did not accompany him on the ballot. “Alberto will never fall in love”Many sources forcibly repeat.

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In this sense, they design the contract “Calms” the domestic front and calms the markets“After that, they concluded:” Inflation and poverty have not solved anything, it will not change for long, but it will support you. “

Gulfas, yesterday, was coerced when asked if he would cooperate Re-election De Fernandez next year. “Yes definitely”, He added: “Our desire is to strengthen the image of the President in 2023 and for him to run in the elections.

He was one of the officers most opposed by austerity Christianity, like Jabaletta, who had been emphasizing the importance of Fernandez’s re-election since last August. “If we make Argentina live better in this 2022 we will perform better next year,” he said. An interview Nation Will be offered this weekend.

Last year, Fernandez was the first to talk about candidates for 2023 and the possibility of getting coaches at Frente de Todos: “Future nominations should be decided by the people, not at the table. Let the people decide who wants to be a candidate and go to a STEP and be the best. ”. After the experience of losing the Assembly elections, the ruling party has no prisoners and lost the primary and general elections.

One of the ministers, Madias Gulfas, protested against Kirchnerism, which called for Fernandes’ re-election.Ricardo Priestblug

The action that Fernandez spoke began with the mayor’s harsh speech Ishi, In it he invited Christian representatives and senators “Do not betray the people” And vote Agreement With IMF. “I want to tell colleagues who are in charge of holding a national seat on our behalf today, do not betray the people. We can not go to default. Going to default is a national disaster”, Jose c. Boss’s man said he has built a very close relationship with the president in recent months and has distanced himself from Christina Kirschner. He was recently on a presidential tour of Russia and China.

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In the midst of this upheaval, in fact, is the fact that Fernandez led the next election, which occurs when various men in government see the president’s “contradictions.” One of them is probably the strongest: “Alberto is talking about re-election this week in the House of Representatives without even knowing how the issue will end. Or yes, he will be in Chile until everything is discussed and defined. “Maintained a man from all fronts.