July 19, 2024

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The president’s performance is a bombshell for Democrats, who already have some doubting whether he can become the nominee

The president’s performance is a bombshell for Democrats, who already have some doubting whether he can become the nominee

President Joe Biden’s main task during Thursday night’s debate against Donald Trump to protect his administrationBut most of all, a good portion of Americans worry that he will have another four years at the head of the world’s leading power to dispel doubts about his age and mental acuity. It clearly failed.

The leader of the White House, who will be 82 years old when he takes office for a second term, is not only overtaken by his rival in the presidential race, but Concern about his ambiguity deepenedSo many of his supporters to say that They already doubt whether he can be an effective Democratic candidate in the Nov. 5 elections.

Biden lost his first fight. A quick CNN poll revealed that Trump won the debate for 67% of voters, while only 33% favored the president. Performance of the Democrat It was much worse than people expected. of Before the debate, 45% said Biden would win, and 55% favored Trump.

How was Biden?

It is known that image is always more important than content in discussions. and from minute zero, Biden introduced himself in a husky voice, with a low and feeble tone, seemed unable to bring the throat under control. But it hurt him more Inconsistency in some of your answers, who do not understand each other and overcome the stuttering he has known since his childhood. For example, the president was a far cry from his powerful address to Congress in March’s State of the Union address. Without a teleprompter, all demons are unleashed.

Trump used his reflexes While his opponent stuttered and struggled to get his words out. “I don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence,” former President Biden said incoherently to a question about border security less than 10 minutes into their debate. “I don’t think he knows that either,” he said sternly.

More worryingly, Biden was in theory Very ready Appointed in Atlanta. He spent almost a week at Camp David Practice with a team and his personal lawyer who played Trump. After the debate, some of his supporters said the president Had a fever It affected his performance. However, others think less. “It’s not a good debate for Biden,” admitted Kate Bedingfield, a former Democratic communications consultant.

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Function of the President It went down like a bomb among Democrats And some legislators and pro-government advisers quietly pondered whether to replace Biden with another candidate. “Biden is going to face growing calls to step aside,” said a senior Democratic strategist who has publicly supported Biden. “Joe had deep affection among Democrats. That dried up,” he said. “There are races to win,” the strategist continued.

“Do we have time to put someone else in?

Donors panicked. Mark Buell, a prominent Biden and Democratic supporter, said the president I had to think seriously If he is the best person to be nominated. “Do we have time to put someone else in?”Storm asked.

Vice President Kamala Harris was one of the few to stand up for Biden. He acknowledged there was a “slow start” but said the “result is solid” and that the three-and-a-half-year administration and plans beyond Trump’s proposals are important. It is true that the President improved as the minutes passed, but it was not enough to allay concerns.

How was Trump?

The former president had the task of attacking Biden’s administration, but at the same time Don’t be too aggressive or lose control, because a segment of the electorate, especially moderates, is suspicious of the president’s provocative and precocious attitude to running the White House. And so he accepted the challenge.

No Biden He was able to corner him Before his lies. For example, when the issue turned to abortion, the former president repeatedly deflected attention to what he called Democratic extremism. He said, wrongly, Democrats support abortion after babies are born. Biden is not reacting to an issue that is a work of his campaign and one of Trump’s weaknesses.

In one of the spicy passages of the night, Biden said Trump is a criminal The former president claimed a romantic relationship with adult film star Stormy Daniels He had “the manners of a stray cat.”. Trump responded, “I have not had sex with a porn star.

Trump appeared on the defensive when discussing his response to the January 6 attack on the US capital. He initially tried to turn the question of his responsibility for the Capitol riots into a condemnation of Biden’s record, but this time the president overruled him. “He encouraged those people to go to the Capitol. He sat there for three hours and his aides begged him to do something,” Biden said. “He didn’t do anything.”

When asked whether he would accept the outcome of the 2024 election, the former president also repeatedly refused to answer If they are “legal and reasonable” I will do it.

What can happen now?

It was Thursday An early discussion in the history of propaganda, nearly four months before the election, Democrats wanted it too, perhaps pointing their guns at Trump in advance and presenting him as a danger to democracy. But today Nobody talks about it. Now Biden must not only fight against the weaknesses of the Republican Party, but also boost his own image, which is already damaged by the low popularity of a president at this point in his term.

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It should also be recognized that Biden’s wrongdoing was a mistake It’s early, which gives you more time to recover.. Democrats have their party convention in Chicago in August, where the president can stick to a strict campaign script and have a predictable and dynamic performance. There will be another debate in September, closer to the November 5 election.

Is it possible to change candidates?

It’s possible, though It would take an outright rebellion for Democrats to dump Biden, who easily won enough delegates in the primaries to secure the party’s nomination. At least so far, no key Democratic officials have publicly broken ranks, with some raising alarm bells in anonymous conversations with reporters. On the other hand, Biden may step down if the pressures intensify. But, he does not seem like a man who will give up quickly.

“President Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee, and President Biden is going to win this election,” said Quentin Fulks, vice chairman of the Democratic campaign.

Everything is possible in politicsBiden is a candidate with enormous experience and still has a long way to go before November. But the panorama Clearly seems more complicated After discussion. Biden and Trump are tied in the polls and polling in key states where undecideds define the election. Many are frustrated by having to choose today Same candidates again.

In this situation, one can become a beneficiary Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent who polled 7% today. Many voters who loathe Trump and are suspicious of Biden will be inclined to vote against someone who does not belong to a traditional party, even if he is the son-in-law of the assassinated former president.