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The U.S. Navy reveals the concept of its sixth generation fighter aircraft

The U.S. Navy reveals the concept of its sixth generation fighter aircraft


31 October 2021 07:23 GMT

Future aircraft with F-35Cs will form the basis of the aircraft wings launched for the next decade.

The US Navy has announced the replacement of the F / A-18E / F Super Hornet aircraft with a sixth-generation naval aircraft.

According to Document Entitled ‘The Vision on Naval Aviation for 2030-2035’, the new aircraft, named after aviation editor Steve Trimble, has been named. F / A-XX Developed within the framework of the next generation Air Dominance program (NGAD), Will replace the fourth-generation multi-purpose fighter aircraft in the next decade.

While specific capabilities and technologies are still in development, the new aircraft will have higher amplitude and speed, the integration of passive and active radar technologies and the ability to work. Long-range weapons Planned for the future.

Retiring from Super Hornets service is a combination of fifth generation fighter aircraft F-35C And F / A-XX to form the backbone of aircraft wings launched on aircraft carriers.

“Advanced Skills Power plan The reason for the F / A-XX is to maintain the suitability of aircraft carriers in an advanced reserve environment, ”it says in the document.

In September 2020, Will Roper, Senior Purchasing Officer of the U.S. Air Force, He said This military branch was designed, built and The aircraft was tested The first full-scale prototype of a sixth-generation fighter aircraft under the NGAD program.

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