July 13, 2024

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Corona virus: increase in cases in Chile, Uruguay and Colombia | Impact of Govt-19 in the region

Corona virus: increase in cases in Chile, Uruguay and Colombia |  Impact of Govt-19 in the region

As part of the progress of the vaccine campaign Corona virus In Latin America, The increase in positive cases in countries such as Chile, Uruguay and Colombia has raised warnings in the region.


In the last hours, More than 2,000 new corona virus cases have been reported for the third day in a row in a country managed by Sebastian Pinera., An explosion that was blamed on health officials Social relaxation, So they urged people to be vigilant and go to vaccination centers to get vaccinated or get booster doses in an effort to prevent new infections.

“It is necessary to strengthen these measures in our daily activities because over time the perception of risk decreases and we need to be clear that the epidemic is not over,” said Chilean Health Minister Enrique Paris.

On the last day, the Ministry of Health registered 2,230 new cases, raising the total presence to 1,692,877 since the outbreak, while the national daily positive rate was 3.04 percent, the newspaper La Tercera reported.

“I would like to emphasize that vaccines have shown their effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and admission to the ICU (Intensive Care Units) due to Govt-19. Therefore, we call on people to go to vaccination centers, especially those over 55 whose booster dose is not yet available.”

In that regard, he pointed out that 5.4 million booster doses have been given to date, but more than one million people may have received it and have not yet done so.

The deterioration in health status has not yet been reflected in the number of deaths, which was 14 the previous day, but it is reflected in the numbers. Victims at present -Infectious-, that 11,388, the highest number since 11,575 were registered after July 19 last.

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In order to control the spread of the virus, from December, people over the age of 55 will need to receive a third dose to use their vaccine card, which will allow them to participate in high-potential events and be treated indoors in bars and restaurants.

Boundaries, which had been closed for tourism for six months, reopened on October 1, although only vaccinated tourists must be isolated for seven days. In the case of Celiars or persons living abroad, they should be isolated for five days or until the results of their PCR examination are reviewed.


Corona virus cases are making Uruguay a concern again, where More than 2,000 people have been carrying the infection, which has not occurred since the end of July.

According to epidemiological data, As of this Friday, 315 new positive cases have been reported, the value of which has not exceeded 105 days. According to the newspaper Country, All departments record active cases with clear variation by geographical areas.

An example of this Lovelleja, That On average last week, it surpassed 25 positive cases per 100,000 people. This puts the department in the area with the highest epidemic risk and makes that area red.

Traffic light color has been assigned to each zone following the Harvard University risk classification, and according to the last seven days, the current color of the map is a reflection of recent evolution. In this sense, there are three other fields close to orange, and this weekend, health officials are concerned: Colonia, Flores and Tacorembo.

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As a result of these numbers, exit routes through the mobile swap running in the neighborhood were re-launched, allowing hundreds of people with symptoms to reach them without having to wait until they are shown to the hospital.


For its part, the Colombian Ministry of Health confirmed This Friday 1,604 new Govt-19 cases brought the total number of corona virus infections in Colombia to 4,999,048., 47,559 trials (25,885 PCR and 21,674 antigens) were activated in the last 24 hours.

Statistics have increased compared to recent weeks, where Bogot உள்ளது is part of a total of 1,454,669 infections.

In addition, 30 more deaths were reported from the corona virus, bringing the death toll to 127,225 and the number of recovered patients to 4,842,692.