May 26, 2024

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The US summit exposed the cracks and the loss of US influence in the region

The US summit exposed the cracks and the loss of US influence in the region

Los Angeles.- The United States brought the region together in Los Angeles. The magic of Hollywood never appeared. An issue obscured the US summit from beginning to end: excluding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, a stumbling block to the hemisphereAnd it became a mirror that reflected differences between nations, and the shortcomings of high appointment, Except for the hosts, some called it a success.

Without politics for the region and without much pre-preparation, US President Joe Biden aimed to recycle the impression of the first summit in Miami in Los Angeles. 1994Recalling Leaders – Passers-by – To “work together” to attack challenges in the hemisphere: Economic stagnation, inflation, climate change, illegal immigration, corona virus infection and democratic anemia. This is more than what Donald Trump did, who did not even attend the previous summit in Lima in 2018. But there are differences and significant progress that is not beyond the promises embodied in the summit documents – for many, vague. , Modest or not enough – they exposed Loss of influence in the United States, and continental cracks. There seems to be a difference between what the region wants and what Washington is willing to do.

Mark Firestein, who worked in the region for the Barack Obama and Joe Biden administrations, said one problem at the summit was that the barrier to such appointments was always high, and how many were shaping relations between the United States. Wrong with the region.

“Instead of what can be done in the hemisphere, many are still thinking about what America can do for Latin America.”Integrated.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Roligio Mita speaks at the IX Summit in the United States.

Firestein considered the meeting “very successful,” and Biden proposed a relocation or proposal for a new economic alliance, promising to provide more funding to private companies through IDB Invest. Admitted no details or figures. Firestein believes that what the White House can achieve is practical and realistic. In addition, it has domestic limitations. The Czech Book is controlled by Congress, where Biden has a slim majority, making sure he loses the next election. Several sources from the summit referred to LA NACION Pressure from Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, one of Cuba’s “hawks”, was one of the reasons for the dismissal.

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In addition to the Declaration of Migration and Fidel’s economic agreement, the summit was withdrawn Five final documents with commitments to transition to a sustainable and green economy, a plan for a digital inclusion plan, a health action plan and another Democracy. Biden put forward his vision to create a growing economy “From bottom to top and from the middle”, Elevates the middle class. However, The best theme that pervades the entire debate is who never stops. Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebard, one of the last speakers at the closing remarks, summed up one thing: 20 countries have expressed their disagreement over the exclusion. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. They were in the majority, he noted.

“No one has the right to exclude another country for any reason, and even less so because there is a political difference regarding its political rule,” Ebard said. “We will continue to discuss the same at the next summit. We have to solve this because many countries will stop coming because he questioned the relevance of the forum.

Alberto Fernandez at the US Summit: "The OAS facilitated the coup in Bolivia"
Alberto Fernandez at US Summit: “OAS facilitates coup in Bolivia”

Louis AlmagroThe beleagured Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS) used his speech to respond to criticism.

“At this summit, I would not have liked Pinochet, Vitella, Gregorio Alvarez who were in this room. I do not want them to be in this room. “Almagro said. “Dictatorship is not an ideological thing. We want to make sure that we sympathize with the victims of the dictatorship. “

The first question they asked Secretary of State Anthony Plinken at the summit’s closing session was the White House’s failure to leave the controversy over the shortcomings, concerns about unity and whether Washington’s reconsideration is possible. Policy.

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“It’s interesting, I know some people like to focus on differences of opinion about who’s here, but we’re all totally united in what we’re doing here,” Blingen replied.

George Ramos of Univision asked Blingen in an interview Why the US treats Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in one way and China or Saudi Arabia in another. Biden had promised to transform the Saudi monarchy into an international “baria” and is now planning a trip to Riyadh to block the connection due to rising pressure on petrol prices, and his government is ready to set aside the killings. Journalist Jamal Kashoki has blamed Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“In each of these cases, I think many interests are at stake.”Said Blinken. “We must all work together to advance the interests of the United States,” he added.

US President Joe Biden meets with Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro during the US Summit.
US President Joe Biden meets with Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro during the US Summit.

In the end, The summit showed regional rifts and extended historical misunderstandings that characterize relations within the hemisphere. With everything, Firestein rejected the notion that there was interest or inattention from WashingtonContrary to well-established opinion.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is very wrong, ” he said. Obvious indifference is positive Because when the president focuses on one country, he continued, it usually means a crisis. “Why focus on Ukraine? Because Russia occupied it, ”he drew. “It’s a misunderstanding of how the U.S. government works and what care is. A lot happens, people do not see it. Journalists do not write about it, people do not talk about it. The same thing happens, but it does not appear on the cards,” he concluded.

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