April 13, 2024

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Martin Sirio’s Anger: They Ask him About His Friendship With Lizardo Ponce, Who Left The Interview

Last year Martin Sirio, Always know “La Forona”, Was in the eye of the storm after some old tweets came out, where he joked about pedophilia. The true case for pardon for this crime became law. What happened was YouTube and Influence left the media until he gave a hint on Sunday I am very alive (Pop Radio) He clarified He was not ready to talk about everything: faced with an embarrassing query, he hung up the phone.

In mid-February, Sirio released a download on YouTube where he was so good that he was returning to the networks a little bit. He slipped that there were people who “let go of his hand”. Although he did not go into details, he chose or did not mention “thank you to those who were there” Yanina LaDor நி Lizard Bones, Two celebrities he was very close to before the scandal.

This Sunday, Pompeo Berrell used the opportunity to consult with him about his relationship with the participant. Show Match, The Academy (Eltries), To whom he was a good friend but who did not appear together again after the incident. Uncomfortable, but without losing his sense of humor, the guest warned him: “Pompeo, Pompeo … We talked before, these are not questions”. Laughing, the journalist did not back down: “If you want to drop the mobile, do it. I ask you”.

Although La Forona tried to avoid an answer, at the urging of everyone on the ground, He said they never spoke again. But Pompeo did not leave it there, he recalled that they were very friendly and that they were always creating content for the networks and wanted to know if he was willing to have a coffee with influence. “Pompeo, things will change. You know what … I want to say one thing“, He began before disconnecting the call.

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Yanina LaDorse’s anger at La Forona for feeling betrayed

In February, the little angel expressed his anger at not being named on his list of supporters. “I was hot, but I passed it, I thought it was over, so I wrote to him on WhatsApp at seven in the morning to see what happened, he read me, he slapped me, he didn’t answer me,” she said angrily. Morning Angels (Eltries)

Without a filter, he was accused of not mentioning himself on the list of celebrities who supported him.

On the other hand, he defended himself again, insisting that “it is not good to compare what one has done and what the other has not done.” “I never let go of his hand. I defended it. For all this I had to smoke Real. I do not want him to name me, I should not be blocked by pharaohs. Listen to me, I even came out as a witness at the trial. I kept him here. Lizardo is now in Mexico, they are prostituting him, he cries during the holidays And he says they are extinct. Cry really, Lizardo, listen to Maratia, “he added.

Finally, Lador firmly closed the matter, saying why he was angry at YouTube’s lack of recognition. “It annoys me because I am an old woman in this group of three influencers. I talked to him for hours. I have the audios I promised him because he was depressed. Now he says, Evangelina Anderson helped him, and since I woke up the fans have been calling me ‘traitor’ and ‘old man’, “he concluded angrily.

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