November 27, 2022

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They found human remains while searching for journalist Tom Phillips and aboriginal Bruno Pereira on Amazon.

Said Brazilian President Jair Bolzano on Monday “Human organs float in river” while searching for British journalist Tom Phillips And domestic expert Bruno Pereira, who went missing on the Amazon a week ago.

In the middle were reports of Bolsanaro Conflicting reports that two bodies were foundThis created great confusion in the case.

“The search continues. But, these signs lead us to believe that they did something evil, because human organs have already been found floating in the river, and they are in Brasilia to identify their DNA. The president said this in an interview with a local radio station.

“Human Organs” on Amazon: What to Know About Searching for Journalist and Indigenista

Phillips, 57, is a contributor to the British newspaper Defender And has been working in Brazil for 15 years. She worked for several days on a book on environmental protection and local development with the support of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, an American journalist interested in writing dozens of reports.

Pereira, 41, is an expert at the Government Agency for Indigenous Affairs (Funai) in Brazil and is an accredited defender of the rights of these communities. He was the regional coordinator of the Funai de Atalaia do Norte, the municipality they headed with Philips when they disappeared.

His work in protecting the tribal people led him to receive frequent threats from these criminal groups.

Phillips and Pereira were last seen on Sunday morning, June 5, in the community of Sao Gabriel, not far from their destination, Atalia do Nord, where they were traveling on the Itakui River.

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There was a twist in Sunday’s search hunt Discovery of two personal belongings: a bag, clothes, shoes and a Pereira health card According to firefighters, the items near the “home” of the only suspect ever arrested in connection with the case were submerged in water.

Police are also investigating the blood stain found on the prisoner’s boat. Further, On Friday the search team found “apparently human” objects It is being analyzed near the port of Atalia do Norde.


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