April 23, 2024

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They removed his jaw due to an infection in a tooth and he lives in a real test: “shocked”

They removed his jaw due to an infection in a tooth and he lives in a real test: “shocked”

To 36 years But after extracting his jaw he looks very old. This is the living test Maigen MaselliA Saratoga woman, New YorkIt started to experience real sacrifice from 2017 onwards Infection of a tooth.

“I was a beautiful woman with a young son. Now I am shocked by this”, Explained in reports to The sun. Maigen usually went to see a dentist and was diagnosed with the disease Osteomyelitis of the lower jaw. It is an inflammation caused by an infection in the bones in another part of the body.

The 36-year-old woman had no teeth and was locked up in her home, where she was cared for by one of her daughters.

Because of this, it is All the teeth in his mouth were removed with the lower jaw replaced by a metal rod. Doctors first tried to reconstruct the mouth with the pelvis, before successfully replacing it with a portion of the jaw bone.

When this was not enough, they had to rebuild a part of the neck with muscles from the chest. “I felt it, it hurt, I could not take them out and heard a crack. It is not known whether it is the jaw or the tooth. When the dentist pulled my teeth, they thought the fracture might have been caused by the weakening of the crack, ”he said.

I remember crying He had a scar running down his neck and had staples all the way. My face was very swollen, purple, and bleeding everywhere. He had a piece of cloth over his face to cover his jaw which was removed a few weeks later. There was no skin, it was yellow so it was scary, ”he said.

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In the same line, he described the details he experienced: “My jaw disappeared from the back of my mouth to the middle of my cheek where the pus was.” Before the emergency surgery, a doctor said her teeth were “porridge” and there was nothing she could do about it.

Five years later, the woman is recovering and is being helped by one of her daughters. “I never leave my house. If I can avoid looking in the mirror, I do. I can not even go out in the winter months without much need, because the cold is very bad, ”said the woman, while she has lost 70 kg.

“Last year I almost turned over my daughter’s high school graduation card for fear of ruining her day. I lost half of my breast as part of this surgery I did, and I have scars on my hips, legs and face. I’m 36 now, I’m disabled, I have no teeth, I’m paralyzed at home without work.”, He highlighted.

Fortunately, all of her practices were covered by insurance, but she wants to help others who go into a similar chapter by telling her story. “It simply came to our notice then. Where do you go when it is so hard to prove who is guilty? I called several doctors to see if they could help me And everyone tells me to go back to where it started. I cry everyday, it’s so bad”, He concluded.