April 22, 2024

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Video: Shocking images of a tropical cyclone that caused damage and death in Uruguay

Video: Shocking images of a tropical cyclone that caused damage and death in Uruguay

Since Monday afternoon, a strong Tropical cyclone Caused damage உருகுவே And left At least one died. The waves hit buildings on the east coast, causing flooding and extensive damage. The weather warning also fell About the city and province of Buenos AiresMay be affected by strong winds.

The effect of the storm, A 23-year-old man died Yesterday he fell and crashed into a tree in his home in the Paso de la Arena. There was also an evacuation in the southeastern part of the country, with objects exploding and roofs being lifted.

Temporary in Punta del Este

Social networks were filled with videos of residents of various Uruguayan coastal cities affected by the hurricane. Most of the scenes are recorded in the Playa de los English area in the Punta del Este.

Impressive pictures of the effects of a hurricane in the Punta del Este

In other pictures you can see cars trying to get around on the frothy streets from the sea in the coastal city of the Department of Moldonado. However, the storm also hit other parts of the country with heavy rain and wind.

Despite the request of the authorities not to let it circulate in the cities, some citizens decided to go to the beach to watch the weather event, disregarding the rules, and be able to take some photos to keep the moment alive.

Several apartments in the Punta del Este boulevard suffered significant damage. In some houses even the windows were completely broken and water seeped inside.

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The National Weather Service (Inumet) issued a yellow alert and two orange warnings on Tuesday, Divided by the intensity of the wind caused by the approach of the subtropical cyclone. Alerts will be updated at 6:30 pm and will be updated at midnight. Winds are expected to ease by Wednesday morning.