May 24, 2024

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They say the attack on the embassy in Damascus killed the entire command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria and Lebanon.

They say the attack on the embassy in Damascus killed the entire command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria and Lebanon.
All the leaders of Iran's Revolutionary Guards in Syria and Lebanon were killed in the attack on the embassy in Damascus, Bloomberg said (REUTERS)

All the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Army in Syria and Lebanon were killed The attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1 was revealed by the Bloomberg Television Network this Saturday. “Senior officials underlying Hezbollah's operations in the region”.

Two names stand out among the members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard killed that day General Mohammad Reza Zahidi and his companion, Mohammed Hadi Rahimi– Data from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights at the time are mentioned Reza ZahidiThe regional leader of the Quds Force.

Rahimi and Zahidi both added BloombergThey assumed it was in the embassy building next to the embassy A “safe” place in the entire Syrian capital. Even just before the bombing, there was talk of moving the embassy and consulate to a compound in the same block as two of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's brothers. Guard members decided it wasn't necessary.

Mohammad Reza Sahedi was among those killed in the attack in Damascus

The bombing of the diplomatic headquarters in the Mazeh area comes amid ongoing tensions between Israel and pro-Iranian terrorist groups in the Middle East, which carry out daily attacks against their country in support of the Palestinian terror group's war. Hamas. However, Tel Aviv never claimed the attack and remained silent throughout.

Images from the day showed the building collapsing and smoke rising from the site, which the Persian regime assured. Important Revenge, didn't take long to arrive. On April 13, security forces confirmed it at night “Dozens of Drones” They were launched from different parts of Iran and were heading towards its border. was about The first direct attack on the Jewish state.

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All our own and associated security systems were activated immediately to contain the episode and prevent further “serious and dangerous” escalation. In total 300 drones and ballistic and cruise missilesIsrael governs 99 percent interceptThe result was minor damage to a military base in the south and minor injuries to a Palestinian girl.

Iran launches drones, missiles at Israel days after bombing embassy in Damascus

However, rising tensions in the region were inevitable, and officials, including those from the United States and the United Kingdom, argued for an end to direct hostilities between the countries. Iran “brings entire region to brink” But still “No one is interested in a significant increase” British officials said it would “deepen insecurity in the Middle East”.

Five nights later, they received confirmation from Iran that Tel Aviv had launched an operation against them Military Air Base near Isfahan, in the center of the country. Likewise, in the same week, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel KatzTargeting Iran at the diplomatic level, it asked 32 countries to impose sanctions Obstacles against him missile program Rule and appointment Revolutionary Guard Like a “Terrorist Organization”.

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