May 26, 2024

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They sell a car patent for $ 24 million: what’s special about reaching that price

Sold in the United States California’s “MM” patent is $ 24.5 million. No, it’s not wrong. For that, they immediately ask for 5,888 units of non-fungal tokens (NFT), which is equivalent to $ 24,545,011.20 for these hours.

California is home to approximately 40 million people and more than 35 million registered vehicles. There, plates of two to seven letters are presented to the public The ones with two characters are very exclusive. There are only twenty-six plates with repeating letters between AA and ZZ, and only nine with two repeating numbers (11 to 99).

Thus, the MM patent is one of thirty-five possible configurations with two repeat characters. Honestly, That’s one in a million. This is a very exclusive domain. Also, for the seller, it justifies its price.

“Many people do not understand that this is not just a patent. If you read this, you will understand why it is desirable. You are the person who finds value in exclusive, rare and unique. License plates have always been a symbol of the lawS. This is a file … ”, says the release.

The most expensive patent ever sold in the United States is Delaware’s “6” patent for $ 675,000. And in the world, The most expensive was Abu Dhabi’s number “1”, which reached $ 14.8 million. Currently on sale is the “New York” patent for $ 20 million in New York and the “F1” for $ 48 million in the UK.

The publication states that the combination of “MM” is desirable not only for its uniqueness, but also for the fact that the number 2000 is a Roman numeral and “symmetric in view”.

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$ 24.5 million patent.  Photo:
$ 24.5 million patent. Photo:

If the sale happens, “MM” will become the most expensive patent in history And the first one it was traded a cryptocurrency. NFT is a special type of crypto token that represents something unique. It is non-trading, so it is different from Bitcoin and other tokens in the network.

All original tray documents are available to the buyer. The seller clarifies that this has been used on a vehicle before, which is why the plates are not zero kilometers, but they are in “excellent condition”.