February 3, 2023

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They went to a restaurant, complained about the bill and were silenced by the manager’s response: “Disgusting attitude.”

Eating out can have many setbacks: the food doesn’t meet expectations, the service is poor, or the place isn’t as good as expected. But if the number of diners is larger than an average family, these items become worse if the restaurant uses all its human resources to meet the needs of a single group. That’s what happened to them Philip and his 25 friendswho approached It was called a restaurant Black Country Bombay PicklesIn England, however They were so upset that they had to reveal it in online reviews of the place.

Black Country Bombay Pickles is a specialty restaurant Indian foodIt has won the approval of Stourbridge neighbors over the years Travel Advisor, an app that rates gastronomic destinations according to users’ opinions. In this applications It received a rating of 4.5 out of 500 customer reviews, which shows This place offers high quality food and excellent service.; However, this was not the case for Philip and his 25 friends.

Philip spoke of his experience at Black Country Bombay Pickles: “Getting together with a great group of friends. Service was shocking, waited 3 and half hours for food and they blamed the size of the appointment!

In the app, Philip mentioned his experience at Black Country Bombay Pickles: “Meeting a great group of friends. Service was shocking, waited 3 and half hours for food and they blamed the size of the appointment!Angry Britain details and that’s not the only problem, Because they wanted to charge a higher price than the relevant price: “Our ticket was £162.95. They tried to charge us £195.55, said an additional 10 percent service charge. Before ordering, service charges are illegal,” explained Philip on TripAdvisor.

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The customer lamented several incidents he had experienced while dining with friends and wrote: “The bill was over 10 percent. After eating at this place for the past 10 years and patronizing the group despite covid, we are disgusted. Now they lost 25 restaurants at least 4 or 5 times a year, so bad”.

26 customers left unsatisfied after release Restaurant indian food, Kasim, Location Managerwent to answer them and the message went viral on social media as those customers were told “Disgusting attitude“and a”Terrible behavior with staff”.

Qasim narrated Phillip’s team did not pay a deposit when booking, the restaurant policy for a table with multiple restaurants. In addition, he said, the group refused to order their food in advance, another of the rules for many groups’ customers.

    Kashim, the manager of the place, came out to answer them, and the customers
Kashim, the manager of the place, came out to answer them and the news went viral on social media as the customers pointed out the “disgusting attitude” and “terrible behavior with the staff”.

However, what was most unfortunate about this group of friends was their attitude towards the workers who attended, as the organizer of the meeting whistled and clapped the workers like servants. “Perhaps a man with low self-esteem targets the opposite sex to feel better about himself.”Qasim noted.

Finally, Kashim said in an ironic tone: “It is unfortunate that the blame Compulsory service, calculated at less than 99 pence per person, has caused much distress to his group. He was blunt about the possibility of getting them back: “We do not tolerate this kind of bad behavior Against our staff or inconvenience to our guests, so We refuse to accept any further bookings from this organizer”

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