May 30, 2023

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They were about to get married, but a man interrupted the ceremony and stunned everyone with what he did

A video of a man interrupting a stranger’s wedding “I resist”Then run away.

As the truth is recorded by who can be his friend, He was wearing a red shirt and black pantsHe interrupted the crowd and laughed and ran away from the place.

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He called off the marriage for a different reason

The event was apparently recorded by two young content creators, It caused discomfort between the couple and the guests. However, it is not yet known how the episode ended and where it took place.

According to the news site I am CarmineUser ID @lokoenpaz posted the video on his TikTok account, but hours later he deleted it. However, some users started downloading it and sharing it on different social networks.

Some users didn’t hesitate to express their outrage when faced with a harsh joke that was seen as a viral challenge.

It is nothing more and nothing less than a viral jokeTikTok

“Everything is back in life”, “What a terrible time they all went through”“They don’t think about everything that their jokes in bad taste can cause: heart attacks, for example”, “Terrible jokes”, “It goes without saying: I got married in the wrong way”, “It’s not funny. , it could have damaged the beautiful union”, read the most important messages.

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