May 26, 2024

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They were riddled with bullets by “Pedrinho Matador”, the greatest serial killer in Brazilian history.

They were riddled with bullets by “Pedrinho Matador”, the greatest serial killer in Brazilian history.
‘Pedrinho Matador’ (Sao Paulo Police)

Pedro Rodrigues FilhoBetter known as ‘Pedrinho the Matador’ and consideration Brazil’s biggest serial killerHe was assassinated this Sunday in the metropolitan area of Bye PauloAccording to official sources.

Responsible for more than 100 murders, according to his own confession, Rodrigues Filho served 42 years in prison, was released in 2018 and became a successful youtuber.

Events in the neighborhood Ponte Grande, in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, On the outskirts of the Ballista capital, there was ‘Pedrinho matador’ He was shot dead in front of his sister’s house.

According to the police, Several masked men got out of the car and shot him dead.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho murdered by two masked men (@pedrinhomatador0fc)

Rodriguez Filho, 69, He was accused of killing at least 71 drug dealers, rapists, pedophiles and thieves, although he admitted to more than a hundred. More than half died behind bars while he was in prison.

In interviews with local media over the years, the killer hinted at that Those killed for the crime of “pleasure and revenge”. “It’s good for society,” he thought.

Born on October 29, 1954, in the midst of poverty, he was never able to study, from the age of ten he was already involved in robbery in the city of São Paulo, and it is said that he killed his first victims at the age of eleven. .

One day he learned that his father had been fired from the municipality of Alpenas. The Mayor himself had accused him of robbery. Enraged, he took his grandfather’s gun and shot him. But it didn’t end there “Pedrinho” He also murdered the person he believed to be the real thief.

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After the fact, he fled to Mogi das Cruz in Greater Sao Paulo He began to survive by stealing from local drug dealers and killing dealers.

In time, he became a partner with the widow of one of the victims and took over the deceased’s business. True to form, he began selling drugs, taking on the competition and building a reputation as one of the most feared killers in the country.

And years later His pulse did not quiver to kill his father: he tore his heart out after discovering he had killed his mother.

“Pedrinho Matador” killed more than 100 people. Most of his crimes were committed in prison (@pedrinhomatador0fc)

In 2003, he was almost freed, but his plea was rejected because of his murders inside the prison.

He got out for the first time in 2007, but was re-arrested in 2011. With 128 years in prison behind him, it looked like he would never be back on the streets, but Brazil repealed a law that allowed diagnosed psychopaths to be detained indefinitely. , so he was released in 2018 after 42 years in prison.

Pedro Rodríguez Filho’s story already has a book and a documentary / (YouTube Capture)

After leaving prison, he became a well-known ‘youtuber’ – with close to 200,000 followers – who published a book and made a documentary.

With information from EFE

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